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    Phantom mast

    I believe that a Sunfish mast is identical. Booms as well. The rudder is not.
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    Roller Furling Issue

    Looks like a Harken #208 drum. If so the hole in the top of the drum is there to tie the furling line to the drum body. You stick the furling line up through and tie a stopper knot and then wind the furling line around the drum inside of the outer finger cage. It would appear that someone...
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    Roller Furling Issue

    Where does that "cord" start at? Top of the sail? The furling line in the 2nd pictures looks fine. Is there a top swivel? You are not using a halyard are you? The jib has a wire in the luff correct?
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    Titling and Registering my Sunfish - 2 of them.

    If you pay taxes on property, you do not own it you are only renting/leasing it from the government. If you doubt that try and sell property that has back taxes, the government will not allow you to do so as they hold the deed, literally. When you register your car you hand them the receipt...
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    Can a Laser be rigged using only the top of the mast?

    Put the lower in the boat, use that as leverage to tilt the whole thing and insert the upper. You could head to your sail maker and have a zipper installed in the luff tube, that would make it easier to get the sail on and off.
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    Titling and Registering my Sunfish - 2 of them.

    Being one of the old guys I would agree and say forget about it. Sail the boats and enjoy. When your government at ANY LEVEL follows their own rules then perhaps think about "being legal". Rules for thee not me. We the people own the country, why would you need to pay to use it?
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    Vanguard version

    So its all about the money. You have to race only their sails, you even have to use their sail ring clips, you have to use their blades even though they released so many different versions. Funny how they decide what is "legal" and what is not depending on where the money is flowing. Other...
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    Vanguard version

    But wait! they are one design???
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    Sunfish Hull Number Interpretation

    Built by - AMF Hull Number - 896 Year built - 1974 Month built - January
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    The No Stupid Questions Thread

    Hobie uses a plug of the pool noodle type foam and then smears a blob of silicone to cover the entire plug and to seal it along the inside of the mast extrusion on each end of their masts to keep the water out. Remember water pressure at say 10 ft down is around 4 psi so just a plug of foam...
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    Racing Vs Rec Sails

    Dale, I don't mean to be critical, but there is a lot of incorrect or misleading information in what you have posted. I have added comments below to some of your comments. would love to see this documentation that you refer to regarding fullness of cut in one sail verse the next. No...
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    Racing Vs Rec Sails

    I would love to see this documentation that you refer to regarding fullness of cut in one sail verse the next. Each sailmaker has the ability to adjust the percentage of draft and its intended location during the construction and after for that matter with a recut. More importantly, where the...
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    The No Stupid Questions Thread

    Or... you can add it over a spring and increase the ability to stand tall. The boot also keeps a line form entangling with in a spring. Dale
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    Racing Vs Rec Sails

    When your race sail looses it shape over time, it too will have the same poor characteristics as your recreational sail. The age, use, weight, manufacture of the cloth in your sail determines how it acts, not the title you place upon it. A high quality "recreational" sail will out perform a...
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    Bottom Paint

    Applying multiple coats of antifouling paint is very counterproductive. The only coat that matters is the one that touches the water. Antifouling (bottom paint) is made up of the physical binding material, antifouling material, coloring and the volatiles that allow you to apply it. The...
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    Buying a Boat

    Hull ID numbers started in 1972. Titles are state by state. Most places you do not need registration unless it has a motor.
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    Strange sailing equipment, junk or keep?

    The map sliders you are referring to are sail battens...
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    Rudder Wobble(?)

    Rudder alignment - The distance and rake of the rudder blade with the respect of the trailing edge of the keel has no relationship to anything. The rake of the rudder about the gudgeon centerline will change the amount of rudder weather helm or lee helm that is felt in the tiller. Balance -...
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    My j24 came with a self-tailing winch. Where should I position the Chrome arm of the winch.

    More importantly, where is the gear cluster located? The gears should always point towards the incoming load. This way the drum moves away from the gears under load. Most people do not know this. If the gears are away from the load as the drum moves ever so slightly the inner surface of the...
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    Well... The AMF Alcort sticker on the front of the cockpit tub indicates that it is no older than a 1969. The halyard block started to be switched over to a the fixed fairlead eye next to the mast around 1971. The extended cockpit tub storage area came into being in 1971 as well although I...