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    Replacing Hiking strap bungee on a Mod 2

    Remove and replace the cuddy tube I just replaced the bungee on my Mod 2. Unless my boat is a wierd "one off" version all I had to do is unscrew the "snap screws", break the seal, and slide the cuddy tube out. It was easy to remove the tube and reach around to install the new bungee. I...
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    Bridle for boat lift??

    Lifting Bridle .... No drilling required All of the boats other than the Lasers and Sunfish are put in the water with lifts at my club. When I first bought my boat I contacted Catalina for a lifting bridle and they told me that they did not make one but could send me plans for bridle for the...
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    Hiking straps....yes Im new too !!!!!

    Bungee cord and hiking straps I have a 1987 and the other guys are correct. The bungee connected to the padeye in the center of the transom should be connected to centerboard when sailing. It provides tension to keep the centerboard in the down position. One word of advice if you are sailing...
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    Center board

    Centerboard Hum My boat's centerboard hummed when sailing along at good speed on a reach when I first bought it. It's because there's no side load on the board. The noise is no big deal, but the vibration of the board does effect the boat speed. It happens because the centerboard's shape is...
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    spreader boots

    Spreader Boots - Source West Marine sells a couple of different types of Spreader Boots. Just type "Spreader Boot" into the keyword search and you'll two or three choices. They fall into two types: 1 - Molded Vinyl covers that slide over the shroud and spreader (this...
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    Poll: how many adults comfortably on a 14.2

    3's Company - 4's A Crowd - 2 Adults/2 Kids is better In light air I've had as many as 4 adults on my C-14. 3 is a lot more comfortable and as the wind picks up it's easier to to keep the boat flat by moving two people to the windward side of the boat. I heavy air with 4 keeping the boat flat...
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    Floatation device, anyone tried it?

    Mast Foam and Mast Floats I have never seen Jib floatation but I do have some experience with alternatives... Alternative #1 - Foam the mast: My Mod 2 Capri had a urethane plug in the top of the mast. By the time I purchased the boat the plug had deteriorated and the mast was no longer...
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    Lifting Harness Specs needed for Capri 14.2 Mod 2

    Transom Lifting Point I received a lifting harness diagram from Catalina. It was intended for the 16.5 but with adjustments to the lenghts it worked fine. They suggest that I run a line through the cockpit drains for the stern lifting point and not use the hiking strap eye. I'm not sure if...
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    Performance Under One Sail

    One Sail = 1/2 the centerboard I sail my 14.2 with just the main all the time when I'm out alone so I don't have to deal with the jib. Like all sloops the full down centerboard location is balanced for both the jib and main. I learned this the hard way during a sailing class when we had to...