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  1. Yusuf Sampson

    New boom blocks

    If this was my boat, I would: - NOT relocate the holes - NOT flip the boom - both of the above can lead to you snapping a boom, which is not fun. I sail my boat quite hard and have broken enough laser masts and booms to not want to do such things again. - What I would do is, seeing as the end...
  2. Yusuf Sampson

    7 min Laser sailing video

    Ah man!!! SO MUCH FUN. Had a good laugh at some of the capsizes - that moment when you dump your main out past 90 degrees and the boat starts rolling... I can feel that motion in my gut just thinking about it haha. I speaking of breakages, I haven't broken anything on a Laser besides masts -...
  3. Yusuf Sampson

    7 min Laser sailing video

    Awesome video!!! Just what I needed to ramp up the excitement for this weekend - it's Laser Nationals in South Africa this weekend, so we're all busy prepping for that. I just re-sprayed my daggerboard and rudder, put new telltales on my sail (the previous owner of the sail did an average job)...
  4. Yusuf Sampson

    Heeling/Need help

    I've read this and the replies a couple of times now over the past week, and I'm still trying to find a way to explain it simply enough so that my Grandmother would understand. I think that the original text makes sense as-is. Imagine that you are on a close reach, and you quickly steer up...
  5. Yusuf Sampson

    Roof racking or trailering... Vote for which you like best?

    Hey guys! New to the forum and this is my first post. I've tried pretty much everything in transporting my boats and now 12 years later I can vouch for trailering all the way (provided that you have a suitable dolly). When I bought my very first laser (20569), I trailered it on it's dolly on...