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    Should there be a gasket on the drain plug?

    Is there supposed to be some kind of gasket on the hull drain plug? The hull drain on my 1986 capri 14.2 consists of a white plastic plug that twists into a white plastic flange. I believe it's all original from the factory. When the boat is in the water, the hull doesn't fill up or anything...
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    Weight shifting

    I'm interested.
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    First sail of the Capri - video

    Nice video. I love how your kids all seem to be having a great time. My own three kids spent Saturday fighting over who got to lay down on the cockpit seats and which lines they could tangle up the best. Then the 3 year old uncleated the outhaul in a big gust. I'm loving learning to sail...
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    New Sailor - Chicago Suburbs

    Silver Lake at Blackwell Forest Preserve (near Wheaton) was recommended to me and I scoped it out. It's got a nice ramp and parking area and has either a $45 per year OR $9 per day for non residents and less for Dupage Co residents. I haven't sailed there yet but probably will. I have been to...
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    New Sailor - Chicago Suburbs

    Thanks. I'll look into those and maybe see you there.
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    New Sailor - Chicago Suburbs

    Hello, I'm the new owner of a MOD 1 Capri 14.2. I'm new to sailing and new to boat ownership. I'm eager to learn and would like to own a bigger sailboat someday. The Capri seemed like a good choice to learn how to sail a sloop and to learn with/teach my wife and kids on. I've been looking...