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    Intensity Radial sail

    Waiting for your answer. Serious buyer
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    Intensity Radial sail

    I would like to buy the two radial sails and have them shipped to my great niece at this address: Willow Dalehite, 2504 McGregor Dr., Austin, Tx, 78745. How do I pay for them and how much will the shipping be? Thanks.
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    Laser parts for sale

    Are these blades manufactured by Intensity or who? Thanks.
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    Laser sail #41565 stolen from our locker at Austin Yacht Club; also stolen are two centerboards, rudders and tillers.
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    Flying Dutchman Sails and Parts

    Our Mader FD was damaged beyond repair, so we have all the sails and lots of parts we are offering for sale at $500 OBO. If interested please contact me. We can provide you with a more detailed list.
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    Expired  TEXAS Laser rudder, tiller and centerboard wanted

    need Laser rudder, tiller and centerboard