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    Do I need a 3D format for a marine navigator?

    Hello! :) I'm new to this field. I have a friend, Mikka, who is an experienced sailor. We're arguing about marine navigators, and I'd like to know the truth. My view is that all marine navigators are the same and have no differences from each other. I believe that all navigators can be loaded...
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    Staying Safe on the Water

    Thanks, I went to the shed and made sure the life jackets were in place.:):):)
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    Please help identify the software

    Wow! Thank you so much, you really saved me. I want to test it out this season. There's no information online about this navigator, even though it has over 10k downloads on GooglePlay
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    Please help identify the software

    About a year ago, an acquaintance sent me a screenshot from their phone that had a navigator on it. I lost touch with the acquaintance, and now that the season has started, I would really like to find out what navigator that was. Thank you in advance for your help.
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    Sunfish Survey

    Hi!, my friend helped me choose a boat. He used a rubber mallet to tap on the hull and also pressed on suspicious areas with his hands to check if the hull was sagging. As my friend says, "you don't know the real technical condition of a boat until you buy it." But sometimes sellers hide...