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  1. torrid

    Laser Hull Contents

    Flotation good. Pottery bad.
  2. torrid

    No trolley (dolly)

    My Seitech dolly was a pricey purchase for me when I bought it over 20 years ago, around $250 or so. I think the modern Dynamic dollies go for about $500. Still, it was a great investment for me over the years. I've owned 4-5 different boats but kept the same dolly. It has saved me a lot of...
  3. torrid

    Sunfish in water

    I could see taking that on as a project to work on boat repair skills. But to actually PAY money for it? You'd be doing the guy a favor to take it off his hands.
  4. torrid

    Looking for the owner of the laser with sail number 178611, any leads?

    A google search shows nothing. If you register for any sort of organized regatta, it is probably on a website somewhere. Whoever does own than number does not appear to be an active racer at any level.
  5. torrid

    Carbon tiller

    People tend to pull the traveler on really tight these days, which makes it hard for the traveler blocks to clear the tiller when tacking. Over time it can wear a groove in a wooden tiller. The big advantage of the carbon fiber tiller is the flat profile that allows the blocks to clear it...
  6. torrid

    C5, C6 and C8

    And away we go!
  7. torrid

    C5, C6 and C8

    Someone on Doug's blog commented he thought they looked low and could contribute to concussions.
  8. torrid

    New Picture of C8 rig

  9. torrid

    Plate 2 Blocks

    I'll try to post some more later when I'm at home. However, you would want a two-part hardening resin like which would be used in fiberglass repair. West System epoxy comes to mind. You could maybe even use Marine Tek. As these are generally brands in the US, maybe LaLi could suggest...
  10. torrid

    Plate 2 Blocks

    It sounds like to me the old fitting pulled out at some point, and somebody fixed it by drilling it out and inserting a bigger screw. I would not sail with the new fittling and only a single screw. That will only cause the remaining screw to pull out at some point due to the asymmetric load...
  11. torrid

    Hull ID 1892? and a few questions

    Sorry, should have specified. The Right-On does not come with a dolly. You have to supply your own. As for the Trailex, yes the SUT-250L is customer designed for the Laser. You can use it as a dolly if you wish, but it is a bit bulky on steep ramps.
  12. torrid

    advice on boat choice: new vs recent

    For a used boat, you have to be patient until a good boat comes around. When I bought my last boat, I wanted a newer boat but didn't NEED one as I had my other boat to sail. After about a year, a very slightly used one in my area just about dropped into my lap. I even managed to pick it up...
  13. torrid

    Hull ID 1892? and a few questions

    The Kitty Hawk and Trailex trailers ARE kits. Or were in the case of the KItty Hawk as they are no longer made. The other kit option is the Right-On, which is still several hundred dollars.
  14. torrid

    Olympic status

    Being generous I could say it is because there are multiple builders, and the class is presenting on behalf of all the builders. But realistically, it is as you describe. I'm sure the current status of the class/builder relations will enter into WS's final decision. Truthfully, that is...
  15. torrid

    The C5: What we know so far

    This is not that surprising to me. There has been constant drama between the class, LP, PSA, and Bruce Kirby for what, close to ten years now? There will never be a Kumbaya moment among all the stakeholders as long as LP remains in the hands of the current owner.
  16. torrid

    The C5: What we know so far

    I'm glad to see some communication from the class regarding the matter. As for the sea trials for the Olympics, obviously they are moving ahead with the existing rigs. However, I think pulling back the curtains on these new rigs in advance of the sea trials is deliberate. It's saying here is...
  17. torrid

    Laser goes flying!

    So have the deck and the hull completely separate? That look like a LOT of work to get sailing again. Could you find another hull somewhere else, maybe one that is missing a few pieces? You have everything else. I think that would be a better use of your time.
  18. torrid

    Interesting reading about a composite lower mast for the Radial

    The composite upper is real and is legal for class racing. Find a dealer with stock may be an issue though. The carbon Radial lower is an effort by PSA. The class appears to support it, but everyone's favorite class builder does not. It will be some time before it is adopted. As far as any...
  19. torrid

    The C5: What we know so far

    What do you mean "be"?
  20. torrid

    The C5: What we know so far

    Sounds like they are going to try to start their own class associations again.