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  1. flash1113

    Brand New Class legal Standard Sail

    Hi is the sail hyde or north?
  2. flash1113

    Nexus 103R compass w/ deck spider - 300

    If it is still available I would be interested flash1113 @ gmail . com
  3. flash1113

    What Blade Bag?

    Thanks guys! I think I am going to go with the colie it looks like a good buy!
  4. flash1113

    What Blade Bag?

    Hello I just got a new set of GRP Laser blades. I am looking for a good blade bag too buy. The blade bags that you put the blades in sideways to store seem to be very safe. Thanks so much!
  5. flash1113

    New HYDE Radial Sails Rolled!!!

    what is your email I would be fine with emailing you more information!
  6. flash1113

    New HYDE Radial Sails Rolled!!!

    Hello I am selling two hyde radial sails that are rolled! I bought both of these sails in the spring of 2012. Both sails have been stored rolled on the tube, in the sail bag, also in the shippng tube they came in. They would come rolled on a tube and the container they were shipped in to me...