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    Class Politics The Kindergarten Answer? - What boat is legal?

    So basically any boat as long as it has the ISAF sticker is ILCA legal. I wouldn't be buying one of those for my son at this point so I don't need to worry about it. Thanks for the easy answer.
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    Class Politics  The Kindergarten Answer? - What boat is legal?

    I've got one older Laser and I'm looking at buying another older boat for my kid to knock around... If he were to decide to race, is the boat legal or is it not? Thanks.
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    1994 Laser Full & Radial Pro Rigging

    Is your boat still available?
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    Wanted Laser To Race In The Midwest

    Sam please do that! send to [email protected] thanks a ton! also if you could maybe send a pic with it that would be great! Dan
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    Wanted Laser To Race In The Midwest

    Willing to drive with a 10-12 hour span to get a boat. Please help.
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    Wanted Laser To Race In The Midwest

    Andrew, I sent you an email. Dan
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    Wanted Laser To Race In The Midwest

    I am located in Northern Iowa, want a Laser to race in the Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin area. Looking to spend $4k or less.
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    Looking For A Laser Within 4 Hours Of Central Iowa

    as the title says, i'm looking for a quality laser (race condition) within 4 hours any direction of Central/North Iowa... MSP, Chicago, KC, etc.... Willing to spend up to $3500 for a good race boat. Dan
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    MC scow owners manual? here you go. pretty complete explanation of the MC. your vang might still be the old style with the aluminum triangle rather than the cascading system, feel free to message me if that's the case and i can explain how to rig that.
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    Christmas sailing

    This is the place Torrid is talking about.
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    Hull/Sail Numbers, have we hit 200k?

    oh bjmoose, that makes me laugh so hard!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
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    Hull/Sail Numbers, have we hit 200k?

    I can assure you that was no typo, it's snowing here in North Iowa!
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    Hull/Sail Numbers, have we hit 200k?

    Thanks for all the info guys and gals. Really the question was nothing more than to occupy my mind as I watch it snow here in the Upper Mindwest, USA. SailingMania and AlanD, you guys make very good points, of course I don't race on that level, I don't even race Lasers full time. For...
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    Hull/Sail Numbers, have we hit 200k?

    I'm sure most will think this is a silly question but I suppose I'll ask anyway: Have we hit hull # 200,000? I don't race much (once a year at best) in the Laser and have yet to see one. Just curious. Thanks. Dan
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    Mainsheet caught on lifejacket when tacking

    I was jut looking at the Zhik bouyancy aid and noticed that it's CE approved but not USCG approved... Can someone explain to me the difference?
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    Laser 148689 for sale

    Sent email...
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    Class Politics Sails...I'm going THERE again...

    Ian if you look really closely at the North sail, there is some tension on the leach. It's not two blocked but there is tension. Now look at the leach from top to bottom and in to the inboard edge of the batten pockets. You see the "stretch marks"? Looks the same as the current sail when tension...
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    Class Politics Sails...I'm going THERE again...

    Look at those sails side by side. I don't think the North submission is all that much an improvement from the current. The Hyde on the other hand really addresses the problems of the sail. Assuming the Hyde sail performs just like the current class legal sail and improves it's durability...
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    Books- Rules

    I agree with Yellow that it may be worth the wait for the '09-'12 rulebook to come out. It should be published and distributed this fall I would expect. At that time get the rulebook itself and Dave Perry's latest book explaining the rules (i'm sure it'll be out about the same time)