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    Gin Pole for Mast Stepping? Anyone have instructions / images to share?

    I plan to trailer launch my boat and I will need to get the mast up and down with only human power. I would like to see other ideas / designs for Gin Poles to do this. I have found very little online. I assume this is a common practice, and it's always better to learn from someone else's...
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    Parting out another J/24

    Hull (deck actually) is toast. Many parts available including Winches, Traveler, Boom, Bow Pulpit, Stern Pulpit, Rudder (Old Style), Hatch Covers (Old Style) Interior sliders, breastplate, Bow chocks, blocks, Lifelines, stanchions, etc. I might keep the mast to make a Gin Pole, unless I get a...