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  1. Emilio Castelli

    Deck softening

    It's delaminating. The fiberglass is separating from the foam. Try not to sit in that area.
  2. Emilio Castelli

    Deck softening

    Keep sailing and ignore the problem.
  3. Emilio Castelli

    The Raymarine Tacktik Microcompass deck mount

    Mount it in front of the mast E
  4. Emilio Castelli

    Expired  CALIFORNIA 2010 Laser XD (ILCA 7) for sale

    Sail # 199544 Complete of all upgrades Harken vang, Harken mainsheet blocks,Harken T-18 blocks throughout GRP board and rudder Carbon fiber tiller and hiking stick Zhik hiking strap Super low stretch traveler line Dynamic dolly Full rig or radial Sails in serviceable conditions. A few...
  5. Emilio Castelli

    Do Laser courses suck?

    I love a windy reach but I love a downwind even more. I sailed in the 70s and early 80s and then stopped until 2010; the new downwind technique is so much fun and more challenging than a reach. Give it a try; you'll get hooked for sure.
  6. Emilio Castelli

    Cut lower Mast to make a radial mast----

    Torrid, have you tried it? I have; I sailed quite a bit with a cut off standard mast. A proper radial section works better of course but I didn't think we were talking racing. For playing around a cut off standard section works fine. Save your money and go sailing. E
  7. Emilio Castelli

    Cut lower Mast to make a radial mast----

    Yes, tried it. Not much harder to sheet in. Added advantage, your bottom section will not permanently bend.
  8. Emilio Castelli

    Gelcoat Restoration on a 1973 Laser? Advice appreciated

    patch the two areas and sail it as is E
  9. Emilio Castelli

    Upgrading my down haul, out haul and kicker

    Get a Harken vang. New Laser Harken XD Vang Base Unit For Sailing Dinghy Boat | eBay You won't regret it. E
  10. Emilio Castelli

    Rivets to attach gooseneck to lower mast section

    Time to through bolt. E
  11. Emilio Castelli

    Sail Numbers

    Right. E
  12. Emilio Castelli

    My Laser was hit by a car!

    Good for you. E
  13. Emilio Castelli

    Laser Cockpit Autobailer "Not class legal for racing" . . . What?

    Just out of curiosity, how would you establish whether a bailer or a gudgeon is class legal or not? The old ones are identical, w/o any "Laser" stamped on it. Will try to steer clear of your and LaLi's club even though my boat is legal.... E
  14. Emilio Castelli

    Laser Cockpit Autobailer "Not class legal for racing" . . . What?

    If you're planning on sailing at a world championship and bringing your own boat, then consider buying the class legal bailer. I don't even think there is any markings on the class legal bailer distinguishable. Same for gudgeons. Then there are a bunch of other fittings (cleat base, double pad...
  15. Emilio Castelli

    Laser Cockpit Autobailer "Not class legal for racing" . . . What?

    Mark: Save your money and go for the generic bailer; no one is ever going to check or protest you. E
  16. Emilio Castelli

    Laser Mast Repair - connector sleeve

    Flip the mast (end to end it) Use only one rivet on the sleeve when you re-install it. E
  17. Emilio Castelli

    Looking to put a fair price on an older Laser

    50 cents. But you'll have to buy your own new sail. I just donated my 1988 boat to a sailing school. Three sails, full new rigging. Really, a Laser that old should be donated to anyone willing to sail it. E
  18. Emilio Castelli

    Aging Laser

    Leaky Lena is a 1988 or 89 boat, with a "gloriosus" past; current Camellia Cup Champion... Bought it in 2011 when I got back into sailing and have sailed it probably 300 times in SF bay. Always leaked but every year I would fix the leak and get it in good enough shape to still be used it as a...