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  1. Webmuppet

    upgrading old laser

    I've not tried them myself but they did have a demonstration set-up on a stand at this year's Dinghy Show - the plastic 'keeper' arrangement worked far better than I'd expected but not sure how much it costs in comparison to the standard set-up Cheers, Nigel
  2. Webmuppet

    Advice about outhaul fairlead please!

    The Aluminium version of the outhaul / traveller fairlead is no longer available from Laser Performance in the UK........I tried to order some a few weeks ago and was told that they no longer supply them - that said, I think Rooster still list them so there may be some available. The other type...
  3. Webmuppet

    how do i remove sail numbers

    Matt, if you find that you're left with some of the self adhesive stuck to the sail (quite likely !) you can buy a product in Lakeland called "Sticky Stuff Remover" it works very well - see link below...
  4. Webmuppet

    Laser 'Bianco'

    Yes.........and with a name like Bianco you wont be surprised to find out that most of it was white. It would originally been supplied with white spars and a white rudder assembly, Hope that helps, Nigel
  5. Webmuppet

    Protecting Disks in the Mast Step

    You can buy the Teflon discs for about £2.99 each in the UK, however, look up 1mm PTFE sheet on Ebay and you'll find that you can buy a small sheet for about £6. Using the kitchen scissors, it didn't take me long to cut-out about 15 discs (60mm diameter from memory), Hope that helps, Nigel
  6. Webmuppet

    Official Sails

    .......that seems to have worked then - lol Gouvernail, you seem to forget that there are people out there who don't race in Laser events.........some people don't race at all and personally I'd much rather see some our clubs Lasers sailors out on the water enjoying themselves than getting all...
  7. Webmuppet

    Official Sails the risk of 'lighting the blue touch-paper'..... As I understand it, you can only use a sail sold by Laser Performance for official Laser sailing events (this sail sail has a red Laser logo and a red button in the bottom corner of the sail. What you have is an aftermarket sail which...
  8. Webmuppet

    XD clew hook vs. tied block

    I tried the Harken 'hook' and also the Harken boom slider assembly / device - I subsequently found out that the eye / cringle on the Rooster 8.1 sail was slightly fatter than the one on a standard sail and that it didn't locate securely when I used that rig. In the end I attached a spring loaded...
  9. Webmuppet

    light winds mainsheet

    One very basic consideration is gloves - if you sail with decent gloves you can get away with a thinner mainsheet. I changed my mainsheet to Rooster's 6mm Polilite about a year ago just to test it out and haven't bothered to change it back to the 7mm version - that said, I always wear gloves but...
  10. Webmuppet

    Help please! What size rivets to use?

    I think the metric equivalent is a 4.8mm rivet (in 12mm and 20mm lengths fitted into a 5mm hole ?). I used Telgel as an anti-corrosion paste - because it's supplied in a syringe with a tiny applicator brush, it's very easy to apply without getting it plastered all over the boat. It's quite...
  11. Webmuppet

    Flat Trolley Tyres

    I've just tried that one and it didn't work for me, All the tyre fitting guys seem to have Sunday as their day off so I'll try to pay one a visit during the week, Cheers, Nigel
  12. Webmuppet

    New Laser daggerboard brake

    Hi Folks, Well I've done some measuring, I taped a wooden strip to the front bulkhead and measured from that - I reckon the screw holes are exactly 40mm from that (see the photo below if that doesn't make sense) One thing that intrigues me is that the the white part of the brake is...
  13. Webmuppet

    Flat Trolley Tyres

    Thanks Eric, I've tried the first idea, but I think you're right, I reckon that it needs a decent high pressure air line to do the job properly (a contribution to the tea / coffee / Beer fund at the local tyre fitters ?) I guess that moral of this story is that if you see your tyre looking a...
  14. Webmuppet

    Flat Trolley Tyres

    Hi everyone, The tyre (tire) on one of my launching trolley( dolly) wheels was a bit soft when I launched the boat this morning and when I returned to shore the wheel was completely flat - it might have had something to do with the water temperature, it really was that cold ! No problem I...
  15. Webmuppet

    New Laser daggerboard brake

    I'm hoping to sail at the weekend but forecast is looking pretty dire for my part of the world (the wind blowing dogs off their chains, very cold with snow showers ?:eek:) - we'll have to see how it pans out. I'll also try to take a better quality photo once I've tested the position of the...
  16. Webmuppet

    New Laser daggerboard brake

    Well, after all the concern about the new brake and if it might fit in the existing holes, I bravely ventured off to the boat park with my tool-box expecting the worst. To my complete surprise the holes seem to be in just the right place ! The new fitting seems to sit slightly further forward...
  17. Webmuppet

    Laser deck cleaning

    I restored an abandoned Comet dinghy which had lain unwanted in a dark corner of our boat park - it looked dreadful, covered in green slime, and I wondered how I would ever get it to look decent. I used Jif kitchen cleaner (since renamed Cif in the UK) which is a mildly abrasive kitchen cleaner...
  18. Webmuppet

    New Laser daggerboard brake

    OK, so I apologise in advance if this is a really really stupid question, but here goes: How do I know if the new fitting is in the right place ? I'm guessing that if I put a pencil mark in line with the bottom of the vee on the old brake and try to line it up with the vee on the new brake...
  19. Webmuppet

    Vela Grey gelcoat in a bottle

    Sorry for not replying earlier but I've only just spotted this posting - I purchased some Vela Grey Gelcoat from Laser performance at the end of last year. I was lead to believe that my boat was a Vela grey hull (Built 2005 Sail No.183199) but the repairs are definitely visible as the colour is...
  20. Webmuppet

    Teflon mast wear strips

    Just as an aside - PTFE sheet is widely available, I recently purchased a small 200mm x 300mm sheet of 1mm thick PTFE from Ebay for the grand sun of £5.50 (including postage). That's enough to cut out at least 13 of the 60mm discs that sit in the mast pot - I just cut the discs out with a strong...