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  1. kellymac24

    Expired 1984 Hull #3912 J24 For Sale

    love the green
  2. kellymac24

    Colored Laser Sails

    I don't know if that link shared properly, It's on Facebook Market Place, Rainbow Boat 1k
  3. kellymac24

    Colored Laser Sails

    Point Pleasant NJ
  4. kellymac24

    Any experience with ordering from vela?

    I've ordered lines from them quite a bit since APS is out (RIP) probably the best selection on the internet
  5. kellymac24

    Laser Sheet diameter?

    Depends, I like the rooster 5.5mm or the marlow super prestretch 6mm (I don't think anyone else considers this a laser mainsheet lol) I feel like the smaller diameter runs better downwind. I have been using a 7mm a bit to try it out but I haven't decided if its better in breeze or not.
  6. kellymac24

    laser outhaul/cunningham rigging for light wind

    I use the system from southeast sailboats as well, the top of boom one I believe. I used to have the blocks at the mast but switched over to this one and noticed a huge difference in getting the outhaul on/off. With a inhale bungee and a block on the sail it runs like butter
  7. kellymac24

    New ILCA Builders

    So when are Devotis available in the us?
  8. kellymac24

    Tokyo Boats

    Anyone know what happens to the Tokyo lasers? Do they get sold off? Who manufactured them?
  9. kellymac24

    Special Edition Lasers

    What exactly needs to be done to it? I've restored quite a few lasers without having to sand. Where are you located? Moorhouse in NJ does a really good job with lasers
  10. kellymac24

    Special Edition Lasers

    What exactly needs to be done to it? I've restored quite a few lasers without having to sand
  11. kellymac24

    Sail Numbers

    What's the ruling on sail numbers? Like if you and someone else signed up for a regatta under the same number, whoever has that hull gets it right?
  12. kellymac24

    Flying with Laser Blades

    Has anyone brought their blades on an airline? I'm looking at flying to California likely through american air, has anyone flown with their blades? About how much did it cost? Is it a normal checked bag or is it super inconvenient?
  13. kellymac24

    Can you bring a phone along or papers when you race?

    You can write pencil on the cockpit of your boat, it'll probably be easier than paper
  14. kellymac24

    Through Bolting Boom Block Eyestrap

    I wouldn't through bolt, putting more holes in the boom is just going to add more weak spots and more spots to corrode faster. I've done a tone of these repairs for myself and the booms at my club. Use the same holes but use a machine screw, nut, teflon washer, and washer. 1. Pop off whatever...
  15. kellymac24

    Stuck lower mast

    My lower section is stuck in my mast step, it will wiggle around but won’t rotate. The only thing I can think of is the mast wear strip somehow cane off and folded over itself. How can I get it out?
  16. kellymac24

    Method of identifying trolleys for a regatta

    Laminated index cards with the sail number on them you can zip tie them on and have a different color for each class, colored duck tape would work as well
  17. kellymac24

    New Vang block

    I wouldn’t get the harken fly, I have it now and it’s failed after only a few months. I still use it though it just gets jamed
  18. kellymac24

    Another mast step repair thread :)

    Pour water in it to see how far down it drains to if it’s all the way then it’s worn through the bottom, then flush the boat with fresh water and get the boat totally dry (probably will take a good week, then with glass mat make 3 circles progressively larger with then smallest the size of the...
  19. kellymac24

    Composite lower

    Wondering what everyone’s opinions are on the composite lower? It looks like most of the fleet was using them at Kiel but then I didn’t see any at Euro Champs a few weeks later?
  20. kellymac24

    Class Legal 4.7 lowers

    I have 6 no sails just the lower section