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    New heavy sailor

    The Olympiajolle would probably accommodate a big guy, but are there any outside Germany and the Netherlands? Funny that you mentioned the OK dinghy... it used to be a big class over here, too, in the 1970s. My father had two of them, and was actually the national president of the class for a...
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    Battens in MK2 Full Rig

    As I already said, never mind... IF your sail is a real Laser sail. If it's a fake, you really should say that right away. If you're outside the class rules to begin with, then any general class knowledge won't necessarily help at all. Problems like Andy's are one more reason to stay away...
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    New heavy sailor

    You must mean the Bombardier Invitation? Laser copy with an 8.4 m2 sail? If that's what's available, fine. _
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    New heavy sailor

    That's the next thing people usually think of... and it's not a good solution either. A sloop isn't a una-rig boat with a foresail added for the crew to have something to do. The sails actually steer the boat, and a jibless sloop would be seriously imbalanced and hard to sail, like driving a...
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    New heavy sailor

    First of all, if you're going to sail by yourself, you get a singlehander. Countless people imagine that it's fine to sail doublehanded dinghies shorthandedly... of course it's doable, but it's simply not very good sailing (and very different to doing it with a keelboat). It's boring in light...
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    2002 Vanguard Laser / Mint Condition

    I'd say that sail came from a boat built in late 1989 or early 1990. _
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    Battens in MK2 Full Rig

    I wonder what it was that you heard, because the class rules don't really allow applying tape on battens. Moreover, wear on the pockets isn't a real problem with the MK 2 Standard, as the battens are more flexible, the cloth is stronger, and there's even an extra reinforcement patch. I'd say...
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    Sea Trials for the Paris 2024 equipment *Instagram pics*

    Thanks! There is very limited information available on this, and it's not really open for the public (I would probably have gone there myself otherwise, just to watch). On the technical outcome: I wish that the D-Zero is successful - it's simply the coolest and smartest looking. The RS boat...
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    Any bendy tube whose internal diameter barely exceeds the rope thickness is fine. As I've mentioned before, the braided loops are anachronistic, a waste of rope, and not very aesthetically pleasing, either. There is a fairly recent thread about this, but I can't link to that now. _
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    No trolley (dolly)

    You don't fundamentally "need" a trolley, covers, bags, etc. to go sailing... but they do make life nicer. You want something on which to lay the boat onshore anyway, and you might as well have wheels on it. Back in the 1980s few used trolleys in the class (there always seemed to be someone...
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    Can anyone tell me anything about this boat ?

    It's a Force 5. Designed a few years after the Laser in the early 1970s, I understand it's still raced in a few places in the US. I can't post links now, and have no idea of its value (though it looks pretty nice); others here will likely help you. _
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    Intro / newb questions - Billygoat

    Extension joints are totally free: they can be of any design and any material, and can be made by anyone. Stainless rudder fittings on a "70s-yellow" hull... looks like a real classic! _
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    Masters Laser Worlds 2019 information online!

    Thanks! However, I am sad to say that I most likely won't be there :( Our Standard Nationals are at the same time, and that is a much more realistic goal this year. Will you participate yourself? _
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    Starting: shooting up to defend hole

    "Scull 3 Sculling to offset steering of the boat caused by backing a sail is prohibited." Ok, thanks. Not always easy to find what you want on the WS website. So the bottom line is that backing the sail isn't illegal, but it's an easy-to-spot sign that you may be sculling illegally at the...
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    Starting: shooting up to defend hole

    The "backing rule", RRS 22.3, says, "A boat moving astern, or sideways to windward, through the water by backing a sail shall keep clear of one that is not." It's not a prohibited action like sculling. (And it doesn't matter on which tack you are, or were.) Which specific case(s) are you...
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    Whiten yellow deck

    Hejsan Löfstrand :D How old is your boat, what's the sail/hull number? I mean, the colours have changed several times during the years, and a pre-1982-ish Laser is supposed to have an off-white, "ivory" deck. Even if it's gone even more yellow with time, you can't make it whiter than the...
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    Starting: shooting up to defend hole

    I still can't find a rule outside of which backing would be illegal. _
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    Starting: shooting up to defend hole

    Backing a sail isn't illegal in itself. But you have to keep clear of everyone while doing it. _
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    Starting: shooting up to defend hole

    Pretty cool-looking technique but I agree with boikie that it doesn't work quite as well as the narrator implies. If someone to your leeward does it even half as well, all you can do is to wait for that boat to bear away... and to essentially lose the start. Right-of-way-wise, this is very...
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    Ben Ainslie sculling vid - is this legal?

    Ha! Hadn't seen that clip for a long time, although the book that includes that CD is right here next to my computer... it was published seventeen years ago now. I remember there was discussion of these techniques at the time, and several International Judges thought this was illegal, and I...