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    Sailing with jib or main alone?

    You'll lose point as your sail trim falls off centerline (hence the need to bring up the traveler knots idea). A simpler solution would be to tie a loop dead center in the traveler and fix the mainsheet to that... so that you can sheet-in to centerline. The jib and main work together to "force...

    One man rigging time

    In a pinch the wine cork works (for the plug), I can attest (have had to use one twice now, on the Capri 14.2 and on a Zuma). As for needing assistance single handed to lift the capri 14.2 mast? Um, easiest thing to do is to drop the bolt in the tabernacle, and use the halyard from the ground...

    How do you tie your jibsheet?

    Cow hitch is easiest... Also keep in mind Catalina liked to use 1 size fits all on most of their boat. The 3/8" line they used for jib sheets is crazy overkill (they used it on boats up to 27 feet!). Probably drop down to 3/16" or 1/4" line. Sta-set is fine if you aren't racing (try ebay). I'll...

    Reefing point suggestions needed

    Those reefs look nice, very clean work! As for the benefits of topping lift versus boom kicker? Honestly if you are on a wave-prone water either one will keep sail shape as the boat pounds around in light air. On these boats the topping lift is likely easier to deal with rigging and...

    Life after the 14.2

    Oh and I thought you might enjoy seeing some of my upgrades over the last year. This is a light wind sailing day on my Capri 22, where I happened upon our sail club having an informal race late Sept 2011. Capri 25, July 5, 2012, with more animated winds. This link intentionally has no sound...

    Life after the 14.2

    I've left this forum, merely 3 years ago. My Capri 14.2 set the foundation for what's been a fun couple of years for me. Obviously I've sailed on a bunch of boats, and the Capri line hasn't been the only boats I've owned, but they've been my "significant" ones. I owned the 14.2 for nearly 10...

    Not mine, but price is cheap.

    Getting Water in My Hull

    My mod 1 used to get water up in it, from rain! It'd leak past the plywood door. Also I imagine that sitting in water bouncing all the time, could splash water onto the door and fill it that way as well... again mod 1 only.

    Why is the Capri 14.2 so slow?

    I came back to stir things up a bit. Yeah rating sounds nuts... I bet with new sails, and locking in the traveller (as the tuning guide recommends), and fiddling some with the jib settings you can alleviate SOME of these things pointed at to give it such a high rating. Honestly I think...
  10. SHNOOL

    Boat heads up when close hauled in strong wind

    both are right. Both Jeff, and sailorm are correct. You need to change the center of effort in those conditions. Both serve to balance the forces above water with below. I found the capri naturally benefits from a neutral or slight forward lean to the mast, to "neutralize" helm. Even with...
  11. SHNOOL

    Replacement Hiking Straps

    For the record, I didn't want to make my Barney post explode... so I wound up just tying some light line 1/4" around the barney and through the end of the rear hiking strap. Ultimately I was going to drill out the barney, and create D-rings for it, but I sold the boat, before I did. I was too...
  12. SHNOOL

    Boom vang

    will this help? does this help?
  13. SHNOOL

    I finally did it - bought a new boat.

    I'm gonna miss you folks, but I'll be checking in on you JUST to make sure you guys aren't scuttling the newbies. Fair winds.
  14. SHNOOL

    I finally did it - bought a new boat.

    Fan, love ya guy... You guys are a cool wealth of info! Great bunch.. Oh Just got word that my sister bought a HUNTER 170! Oh my god, that Means: Brother owns a Newport 17 Sister owns a Hunter 170 and I upgraded to a Capri 22. Sounds like a family day sailing! Now I just need to get the...
  15. SHNOOL

    All I need is a hitch

    Aero <> hydro Um Ranger <> MG.. isn't just 4cyl, it is suspension, gearing and the like. Yeah my 4cyl ranger could tow probably #2500... My malibu was rated #1000, and I am betting the MG is rated #1000 too, but I wouldn't want to tray it. As many have pointed out, it isn't the weight that...
  16. SHNOOL

    I finally did it - bought a new boat.

    It's been more than 1 year since I sold my Capri 14.2. I LOVED that boat, and sold it for a song (hoping the buyer wound up here)... If so, GOOD luck Steve! Anyway, I just purchased last week, a 1989 Capri 22 wing keel standard rig. The guys are REAL nice, and extremely helpful...
  17. SHNOOL

    All I need is a hitch

    Dude I did that with a mid sized car, chevy malibu... I strongly recommend against towing the capri with an MG! My malibu was a gutless 4cyl, modern tranny, and a pretty heavy car. It got 8.9 mpg going up a mountain towing the capri! Real tow vehicle, I am hoping your post is tongue in cheek.
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    Sailed the Gulf of Mexico

    OK I am totally jealous... Is all I can muster.
  19. SHNOOL

    fun day sailing

    I am with you Alatoona 2 sails or nothing. Sailing on just main, or just jib on the capri, is just nuts. The reef points make it a blast to sail her in much heavier winds.
  20. SHNOOL

    My first outing aka A noob with some really basic questions!

    Procedures, Procedures... Light winds, 0-5knots, I raise sails on the trailer. I leave the tie downs ON (in case that rouge 20 knot wind comes while I am backing down the ramp). When I get close to the water, I remove the tie downs, get in and back down (mainsheet uncleated). Launch the boat...