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    Life after the 14.2

    I've left this forum, merely 3 years ago. My Capri 14.2 set the foundation for what's been a fun couple of years for me. Obviously I've sailed on a bunch of boats, and the Capri line hasn't been the only boats I've owned, but they've been my "significant" ones. I owned the 14.2 for nearly 10...

    Not mine, but price is cheap.

    I finally did it - bought a new boat.

    It's been more than 1 year since I sold my Capri 14.2. I LOVED that boat, and sold it for a song (hoping the buyer wound up here)... If so, GOOD luck Steve! Anyway, I just purchased last week, a 1989 Capri 22 wing keel standard rig. The guys are REAL nice, and extremely helpful...

    I am thinking of selling my 1986 Capri 14.2

    I am thinking of selling my 1986 Capri 14.2, hull number 860. Original sails in OK shape (now missing middle batten - again). I am thinking $800 for the package is quite reasonable... any takers... I can be persuaded to deliver if necessary (you pay my gas - I drive a RAM 2500 now, and that...

    OK, I am going nuts, I want a bow sprit, a roller, and maybe a figurhead!

    Anyone else with me? A bow sprit and a roller would be handy for this little tug boat (for a small mushroom anchor). I could also mount running lights (I know technically it is shorter than the requirement for regs for running lights). I don't race my capri, but this sounds like a hellva...

    Thinking of selling my 1986 capri 14.2

    I have been active on this board. I want to upgrade to something more "family friendly." Wanna know what a fair price is for my boat. Sails are standard, and OK... but due for a trip to sail care (was gonna do it the end of this season)... there is light mildew stains on the main...

    Can anyone tell me the size of the battens on the stock main?

    Can anyone tell me the size of the battens on the stock main? Folding sails after a lot of fun on the water... Middle batten missing :( Figured I'd order up a whole set (and an extra middle one)... I guess if I weren't so lazy I could measure it... Figure someone here will have the info...

    Rear hiking strap - how does it attach?

    My boat (sail number 860) has always been missing the rear hiking strap... I was going to order it from Catalinadirect, but they could not tell me how it mounts... I see the rear mount is just a bunch of slots on the transom, but the front, after some inspection, seems to be screws through the...