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    2007 sunfish pro for sale

    Good condition, trailer included,cosmetic scratches on bottom, bailer removed, hole glassed in. Asking $1800.00. located north of Victoria B.C. Can deliver to Victoria. (250)749-3332
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    sunfish for sale

    2007 Sunfish Pro, very good shape, never raced, has minor scratches on bottom. Garage stored.
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    sunfish/trailer for sale

    2007 Sunfish Pro, great condition, used a dozen times, comes with "overkill" trailer with mounted tube for spars/sail. Boats sits on slings, not bunks. Will deliver to Nanaimo or Victoria B.C.
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    bailer burial

    I find the bailer very vulnerable, and more a pain in the butt than It has proven to be worth. Has anyone who has removed their bailer found this be a regretable move? I'm pretty sure a plastic bailing jug will suffice. It has so far.
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    rigging question

    My Sunfish is rigged with the main and booms on the starboard side of the mast, I have also seen the opposite, Obviously with my set up the main sets better on port tack. What's preferred?
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    sail numbers

    I recently purchased a new SF Pro and I have been trying to locate the body that issues sail numbers in Canada. The Canadian Sailing Assoc. does not issue numbers for dinghies, the U.S. Sunfish class does not issue numbers for non- U.S. boats, and to the best of my knowledge there is no Sunfish...
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    sail numbers

    Who issues sail numbers? Is it national governing bodies / sailmakers as per keel boats or would it be the Sunfish Class organization? I have a SF Pro on order from Vanguard and would prefer to get the numbers applied there. ( I have e-mailed them but they haven't replied )
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    staying warm/dry

    [ I need to purchase appropriate clothing for cold ocean SF sailing, I am looking for feed back as to whether drysuits or wet suits are preferred. Dry suits certainly are more costly, but are they more comfortable?
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    quick intro

    Been racing keel boats since 1984, currently have a 40 footer that needs crew to sail, because of this I am missing too many windy days, I have sailed Sunfish in the past while vacationing in Mexico and totally enjoyed them so I decided to order a new Sunfish Pro from Vanguard. Delivery will be...