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    New heavy sailor

    Btw. Thanks for your input!
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    New heavy sailor

    That makes sense. I would assume that balance is very important in a small dinghy. I think I may have found a solution. Bombardier 4.8. Cat rig that should hold me above water. Thoughts?
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    Waiting for the ice to melt.

    Waiting for the ice to melt.
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    New heavy sailor

    Excellent. Ya. My suscle to weight ratio is pretty good. I've looked for Megabytes up here, I haven't found any. What about getting rid of the jib?
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    New heavy sailor

    Hello all. As you know, I am new to dinghy sailing and quite heavy, 260 pounds at 5 feet 10. I am looking to purchase a boat, but am not sure what I should get; laser, laserII or something bigger like a 420 or an Albacore. I don't want to get too complicated as I'm new to the sport. I have a...
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    2007 Laser in Ontario - Full & Radial Rigs (Price in $CAD)

    Hello, Do you still have your laser? Tim