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    Harken 2700 series Windward Sheeting Traveler Car Adapter

    See Ebay listing here: Harken 2700 Series Windward Sheeting Traveler Car Attachment for J/24 This in NOT the car that fits on the traveler track. This is the attachment that fits on the car. Similar to Harken #2752 adapter kit without the small parts. Includes free Priority Mail shipping in...
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    Original Tacktick Race Compasss for Sale

    Check out the Ebay listing: Solar Powered Tacktick Race Compass for Sailboats Includes free Priority Mail shipping to the US.
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    J/24 Spreaders (Pair)

    Bidding on Ebay starts at $60.
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    J/24 Spreaders (Pair)

    J/24 Aluminum spreaders (pair). Used. No end caps. For a thru-bar mount (not included). SoundBoatWorks is showing $220 each new. Believe these were in the shed because they are 5-8mm too short for Class Minimum Spreader Length. Good for a recreational J/24 or maybe handicap racing only...
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    WTB: Rudder

    Sorry - Long gone....sold it in February. Don't know how to remove an old post. Sorry.
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    Looking for sail cover

    I may have one. Old white one. Would require you to roll or flake the main on the boom. I've had it stored in a bin. Email me if interested and I will go dig it out and email you a picture. Nancy
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    Approximate cost to ship J/24 with trailer from US to Europe

    JT - If you email me with your address, I will put you in touch with my J/24 friends in Sweden. J/24 Worlds were in Malmo a few years back, so I know there is a good chance of getting good information about shipping. I also have friends who have shipped their boats over for Worlds in EU and...
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    WTB: Rudder

    Chris, I have a spare rudder - faired and has passed measurement - gelcoated (no anti-fouling paint), with a full rudder bag and rudder gudgeons attached. Its from my first J/24 (they didn't pay enough for a bonus rudder when I sold it). Considering new rudders are $1600, I'm asking $800 plus...