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  1. MrBrycimus

    Question Buying sails: types and windows

    Any one have feedback?
  2. MrBrycimus

    Question  Where to get mast mounts for trailer

    I don’t like the way that my mast is currently mounted. It extends too far into my lawn unless I push it way forward to the front of the tongue. I would like to mount it more forward and have it raised up on a mask cradle at the front of the trailer. Where can I buy parts to add to the trailer...
  3. MrBrycimus

    Water Intrusion Into Keel Slot

    How do you get it off and on the trailer to do that?
  4. MrBrycimus

    Question  Buying sails: types and windows

    I currently have the original red white and blue sails. They are faded and pretty beat up. I was considering getting some new sales from Catalina Direct with some reefing points. However, it doesn’t have a window in the jib. I have enjoyed having a window does it matter to not have one? I’m...
  5. MrBrycimus

    rudder won't lock down

    I don’t fully remember. I don’t know if I’ll have a chance to take it apart again. Here’s what I think I remember: Behind the tiller plate on the top of the rudder, there’s a metal plate with a hole for the bolt and on that plate is a half ball, like a nipple (not a retractable spring ball)...
  6. MrBrycimus

    rudder won't lock down

    Not sure if I understand all the way. If you’re saying that you can’t kick it up: There’s a little ball on the rudder that locks into the hole (see pic). Mine has been jammed before. Take the wing nut off and the screw that goes through it. After that you can leverage and pull the rudder out of...
  7. MrBrycimus

    Easy access boat storage ?

    You can check on a neighborhood app or Facebook group for your area for someone with a spot to store it with RV access. Our neighbors have rented out a spot in the past. There’s those garage ceiling racks that you could put right above the boat, since your boat needs less overhead clearance...
  8. MrBrycimus

    Does the mast step base need repair?

    @aquaman It took me about a month. Typically only working on it on weekends and learning what to do every step of the way plus I wasn't familiar with how things were connected inside. My gel coat didn't break, which saved time in learning that too. If I had to do it again, then it would take 2-3...
  9. MrBrycimus

    Does the mast step base need repair?

    You have to first remove the top fiberglass flashing. Screws in the front and maybe some glue on top. I pulled it off slowly and scraped at the same time. It got a little cracked, but repaired it later with the rest. The cuddy was screwed on and had butyl tape between for the seal. I just pried...
  10. MrBrycimus

    New spreader & brackets

    Mine look like they are installed pretty squarely on the side of the mast. I don’t think a little bit will make that much difference.
  11. MrBrycimus

    Beefing up 14.2 CB for better stability?

    This past season I went out a lot with my wife and kids 5, 8, 10yrs. Without reef-points, we limited gusts to 15kt when the kids are aboard. We practiced man-overboard drills which the kids thought was fun. We did a practice capsize which showed the kids that they didn't have to be afraid. They...
  12. MrBrycimus

    Catalina Expo 14.2

    Can you comfortably fit more than 4 adults in the boat?
  13. MrBrycimus

    Question re tang and eye strap on mast

    That’s for the non-furler setup. You can see in my pic. That holds the block to hoist the job on the forestay.
  14. MrBrycimus

    Lowering mast on Capri 14.2

    You may have to cut the boom kicker shorter. Be careful not to let us rest against the boom vang hook on the boom it can mess it up
  15. MrBrycimus

    Forestay shroud connector?

    There’s an adjuster the same as the shrouds. Here’s the link for Catalina Direct Shroud Adjusters
  16. MrBrycimus

    Mast Wear

    Your spreader brackets look different. You might be able to just upgrade them and move them slightly higher or lower. here they are from Catalina Direct: Spreader Bracket CP-14.2, C-15, CP-16, CP-16.5
  17. MrBrycimus

    Mast Wear

    It might depend on what year you have and which mast version. Looking at those two spots on my mast, it doesn’t look like there’s much they can be done. The bolt on the mast foot seems to just prevent movement, it’s not really tying it together securely. The forestay and the shrouds hold the...
  18. MrBrycimus

    Wind guidance and preferred apps

    I think it depends on the difference between the gusts and the wind speed. The width of the lake combined with wind direction definitely makes a difference on how long the gusts will persist. I aim for 8-18knots of wind with max gusts around 20knots. Beyond that it’s not relaxing I use the...
  19. MrBrycimus

    All wet again

    To revise what I said about using just the jib, I tried this yesterday and had some issues with this when going upwind on a close hauled.
  20. MrBrycimus

    Raise mast and clip forestay single handed

    If I am to raise the mast single-handed, how do I clip the forestay? When the mast is up, I have to push on the mask with a bit of force to get someone else to put the clip through the forestay. I am able to use the main haulyard to get enough slack but I don’t have the right position to be...