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  1. ang

    FLORIDA 2001 laser with double trailer

    2001 Hull. its in pretty good condition, hasn't been used all that much so it's still fairly stiff. It's been wet sanded and polished so it shines like a new boat. 3 radial sails, 1 full rig. Full set of spars. 2 radial bottoms. 1 set of blades. Acme carbon tiller. Custom bamboo extension...
  2. ang

    Sponsors on sails

    I want to put my company logo on my radial sail and possibly a full rig. I was thinking above the window on the starbord side. I had one of anna tunnicliffes sail with a logo there and looked pretty good. So whats the class rules on sizes? And whats the best sticker material for a logo?
  3. ang

    2008 laser

    Im selling my 2008 laser 190471. I have raced this boat since around 2012. Never leaked. Hull is in great condition. I feel like the build quality of the boats made around 2007-2009 is much better then the new ones. Has a collie bottom cover and blad bag. 2 radial sails. Race sail is a hyde and...
  4. ang

    Any reason to buy legal battens?

    My 3 battens were stolen/lost, is there any reason to pay the extra 25$ to get a laser sticker on them? I race my boat, and will ne going to orange bowl, but I dont care about stuff like that being class approved unless there's a performance or strength reason. So laser brand or other?
  5. ang

    do i have a kitty hawk or trailex trailer?

    the guy i bought my trailer from said it was made by castle craft (trailx) but i think it looks more like a kitty hawk, the frame is made of tubes. i can get pictures tomorrow but what are the obvious differences? thanks
  6. ang

    AQUATA hiking pants

    i have aquata 3/4 hiking pants. it says 52/L on it. its almost new and has no tears holes or loose parts. I am in sarasota florida $120 obo
  7. ang

    building roof racks

    hi, i have a GMC safari van with roof racks but they are not high enough so the cleats hold the bow off the racks, we have just been putting a 2x4 between the racks and hull to get it just high enough but there is still weight on it. i want to build a wood rack i can put on the safari's racks...
  8. ang

    my sail number

    i have 3 sails and 3 numbers, if i got a new sail should i match one of the sail numbers or the hull number? radial race #190471 ( i think this one is the hull #) radial practice #184454 4.7 #188189
  9. ang

    broken screw on tiller

    hi, i have a carbon tiller, i was tightening the cleat screws when the head of one broke off! the cleat dosent move should i try to get it out?
  10. ang

    Auto bailer question

    I was reading about springs and i found a thread about sealing the bottom of the bailer so it drains more better since there would be more suction. i cant find the tread, so is it worth it to seal it? i got the springs so i wont need to take it apart any time soon. thanks angelo
  11. ang

    outhaul and cunningham

    hi, i just got a 2008 laser and it has the standard harken vang cunningham and outhaul. i dont like the outhaul because i have to tie the entire thing every time and my friends only have to tie half of it. and the cunningham has to much purchase, but when i took some of it off it would twist.
  12. ang

    rio tecna

    hi, are the rio tecna lasers beater then vanguard laser? also where can you buy a riotecna laser around florida usa? thanks