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  1. SevenShadow

    Expired  MAINE Looking for used spars

    Hi, Looking for a mast and a boom. My current ones are from the 70 and showing some wear.
  2. SevenShadow

    Expired  MAINE 1970s Vanguard 470 For Sale Maine

    Vanguard 470 for sale in Maine. Love the boat, but my sailing partner went to college... Good main and spinnaker. Functioning jib and extra main. Almost new centerboard in good shape to be installed. I did a bunch of work to update the controls set. Hull leaks a bit, but I believe it is...
  3. SevenShadow

    Expired 2011 Ziegelmayer 470

    Hi, I am looking for a used jib, so if the person buying the boat doesn't need all of the used sails, let me know. Thanks,
  4. SevenShadow

    Expired Looking for a Jib

    how about in the $250 range for a jib?
  5. SevenShadow

    Expired  MAINE Looking for a Jib

    Hi, I am looking for a jib in reasonable condition in the $150 range. If there is a racer out there who would like to get rid of some of their more lightly used race jibs, please contact me. Thanks, Charlie
  6. SevenShadow

    Age of 470?

    Hi, Thanks for the tip with the bridle. That is a great, cost effective solution that doesn't require a lot of work / money. For my level of sailing that should work just fine.
  7. SevenShadow

    Age of 470?

    Thanks. I do feel like I am making progress. Thanks for the note about the centerboard systems. I will look into that. Would love a swivel cleat on the main, but I don't think it is really worth it. Rather spend that time sailing... I do think I will change to a dual car travel system...
  8. SevenShadow

    Age of 470?

    Hi, I can get some better pictures. Mostly, I used the MacKay layout to get a sense for things. When it came to me, a lot of the control were on the thwart. I have almost all of them running back now, but I still need to do some work to run the vang back properly. One question that I did...
  9. SevenShadow

    Age of 470?

    Here are some pictures. I did a bunch of work on it this year. It is starting to come together.
  10. SevenShadow

    Looking for 470 Owners in New England

    I am in Maine, and have an old 470 that I am resurrecting.
  11. SevenShadow

    Age of 470?

    Will post more pictures this weekend. It has been quite a project to put this boat back together, but it is getting there.
  12. SevenShadow

    Age of 470?

    Hi, I have an old 470 which I am putting back together. Does anyone have an idea what year it would be? It is a Vanguard #2838. Thanks.
  13. SevenShadow

    470 Main Halyard Lock Necessary for Recreational Sailing?

    Thanks LaLi. I appreciate the help. I am going to rig something like that up.
  14. SevenShadow

    470 Main Halyard Lock Necessary for Recreational Sailing?

    Hi, I have on old 470 that I am putting back together. Originally it looks like it had a main halyard lock. My question is whether there is the need to try to resurrect this lock for recreational sailing (the boat is way past its racing days) or can I just rivet a cleat to the bottom of the...
  15. SevenShadow

    Expired Complete 470, ready to sail

    Is this boat still available?
  16. SevenShadow

    Expired Vanguard 470 Parts

    Hi, you still selling the parts? I am interested.
  17. SevenShadow

    Expired 1970's Vanguard 470 free for taking

    Hi, I was also wondering if this is still available.
  18. SevenShadow

    Replacing Inspection Port

    Hi gouvernail, Thanks for the response. That is very helpful, and I am ready to push forward. I really appreciate it!
  19. SevenShadow

    Replacing Inspection Port

    Hi, I have an old laser 1985? laser. It has an inspection port cut in it by the daggerboard case. The top to this was lost so I need to replace it (I couldn't find a top that would fit the existing ring that is screwed into the hull). So I was thinking that I could just take out the old...
  20. SevenShadow

    Used Mast and Boom wanted

    I am looking for a full rig mast and boom. I would also take a radial, but I would need a sail with it. I am locate in New York. I am also looking for a tiller. Doesn't have to be in great condition, but needs to be functional.