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    New laser tiller

    Actually I wouldn’t so much say I’m trying to upgrade…just trying to sail and reduce the chances of avoidable accidents!
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    New laser tiller

    Lol…I’m a Brit, learned to sail (and then teach) the RYA way…sailing without a rudder…not my favorite thing, and I would swear for sure, but real real sailors can do it without a rudder. At the highest levels you learn the hidden knowledge…sailing without a boat.
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    MARYLAND WTB: Laser tiller

    I think the title sums it up. If you have a tiller from an older Laser please drop me a line. Cheers, Steve
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    New laser tiller

    I will do that too…thank you!
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    New laser tiller

    Thank you !
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    New laser tiller

    I bought my laser very used. It looks as though someone let their dog chew on the tiller (not the extension) and I’d like to get a replacement. Trouble is the cheapest option I found was for a tiller plus extension from Gorilla for close to $135+. Can anyone recommend an online store or do you...
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    Repair Do I need to mitigate hull crazing?

    Thank you. You have a keen, but nothing to worry about in this case. Those “terrible” cracks below the mast step are actually something that fell from a tree - that stuff is everywhere. Cheers!
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    Repair  Do I need to mitigate hull crazing?

    I just got a couple of old but very cheap laser hulls. First time boat owner, long time sailer. I have 2 areas that I am not sure if I should leave or if I should sand down and apply new gelcoat? I’d appreciate any thoughts! Cheers!