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  1. woodbark

    14.2 jib dimension

    Hi FDR, in case you haven't found this information already, it's all there for you in the "C14 Handbook" - the link is at the top of this page, in the 2nd information bar. Cheers!
  2. woodbark

    Jib halyard

    Thanks for bringing this up, I took mine out several years ago and kept it in the bag .... I was completely new to sailing back then and did not understand the importance of proper "luff tension" ..... now I do and will be putting it back into the equation. Here's my reason: Since the 14.2...
  3. woodbark

    Kick-up rudder stuck

    Wow, way to go ! have a safe and fun adventure !
  4. woodbark

    Kick-up rudder stuck

    Hi David, the only method I know of and have used is, applying heat to the metal surfaces with a propane torch.
  5. woodbark

    Hairline crack in centerboard, time to replace?

    Sure looks like the result of some rough capsize recovery operations. Based on the cost of a new replacement; repair seems like a viable option and probably a good opportunity to beef up that area with some carbon fiber cloth instead of fiber glass. The important thing is to not overload the...
  6. woodbark

    Mast groove/sail track is warped

    Hello Carlos, Based on your explanation, I am guessing that the mast has developed a bit of a bend towards the aft and causing the groove to spread open. Assuming you can see such a bend or have taken some measurements of the width of the groove at different points and are convinced that the...
  7. woodbark

    First post: Question about traveler mod

    and regarding This one had me scratching my head when as well until I found out how the pros do it ; ' tie a simple knot in the traveler, on both sides of the block ..... to lock the block in place at the center of the traveler.
  8. woodbark

    First post: Question about traveler mod

    Hello David, Welcome to the forum! .... This bit of information on the subject is from the "Capri 14.2 Tuning Guide - Presented by Quantum Sails" TRAVELER - The goal is to rig the traveler so it enables the boom to be trimmed as close to center-line as is possible when sailing upwind. First...
  9. woodbark

    Hello from Fort Walton Beach & New Sails!

    There's nothing like a new suit to lift the spirits :) ... Thank you Chris and Tammy for sharing your experiences ~ Special treat for us here in Ontario, our season is over for the next 5 months at least. The big window was the first thing I noticed but the sails are absolutely sweet. CHEERS!
  10. woodbark

    Boat lift for Capri 14.2 mod 2

    Good reason for concern there, I am on a river where the water is quite the tea colour from vegetation and it does adhere to the hull. My only solution so far is hauling it out each time which is ok for me since I don't get out too often, but I get your point, it would certainly be nice to just...
  11. woodbark

    One last sail before winter

    Al W, very interesting solution and good on you for taking the necessary action to solve your problem and not allow yourself to be bothered by racing class rules etc. .... after all, it's your boat ;). In fact, I am sure I read somewhere about the Capri 14.2 being a bit "overpowered" with too...
  12. woodbark

    Boat lift for Capri 14.2 mod 2

    Hello Joe, for the benefit of myself and others, could you please explain how you intend to use this boat lift you're referring to?
  13. woodbark

    Capri 14.2 Mast Plate

    Hello mkelly1776, Not sure, but I suspect it's the Mast Step that you are referring to ...... check this link to Catalina Direct - Catalina Direct: Dinghy Mast Step CP-14.2, CP-16, CP-16.5
  14. woodbark

    1984 Capri 14.2 Cuddy door dimensions

    The adjustable latch is also what I am planning on using but it will be a cam style lever that will pull in an additional few mm against the seal. All this water tightness is probably not necessary since the water just barely gets to about 6 inches up the sides on a capsize but it should be rain...
  15. woodbark

    Expo charges ahead

    I have a feeling these new owners or some of them anyway, once they get bitten by the sailing bug, will soon become bored with their Expos and start looking into converting to Bermuda Sails! .......
  16. woodbark

    1984 Capri 14.2 Cuddy door dimensions

    Thanks Tim, great link to get me going ;) I will be making the latch from scratch so a few good ideas will certainly save on trial and error. It will most likely be a modified version of this one.
  17. woodbark

    1984 Capri 14.2 Cuddy door dimensions

    Hello Tim, I am also in the process of fitting a door to my 1993 Mod 2. in place of the original stowage cuddy which seals the opening when installed. I decided to remove the cuddy to gain access to the huge stowage space below. I want to be able to see inside without having to remove the door...
  18. woodbark

    1990 Capri 14.2 Refit

    I believe it's safe to say; there's a Capri 14.2 emerging out of the dust ! .... Congratulations Cap'n stansquatch !
  19. woodbark

    1990 Capri 14.2 Refit

    This is actually the best idea yet provided the bumper strip does not get in the way! ... should not be a problem if there are other Capri Skippers around ... Sailors are usually big on lending a hand. :)
  20. woodbark

    1990 Capri 14.2 Refit

    Seems like stansquatch has been busy working that very issue. ..... I suggested using silly putty as a mold but maybe a piece of very light sheet metal could be easier to work with and once the desired shape is made, it could be hot glued to the top-side and then filled from below with the...