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    Best length for Sunfish tiller extension

    HI Dale, where are you selling these at?
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    Attaching a Hiking strap

    Thanks for all the tips, Could I attach the strap on the lip on the both sides? I do not have the cubby on my old Scorpion.
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    Attaching a Hiking strap

    Thanks for the advice, I will let you know what I work out.
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    Attaching a Hiking strap

    Yes I have considered doing just that, I just wondered if the epoxy would hold tight enough so the block wouldn't be needed. I really hate to cut into this old girl if not needed.
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    Attaching a Hiking strap

    I want to add a hiking strap but do not want to cut inspection ports. Could I simply epoxy a wood block onto the cockpit walls to screw the eyes too?
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    Expired Sunfish Vertical Rudder for sale

    I have no idea what that rudder dimensions are, I just know that mine works great.
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    Expired  NORTH CAROLINA Sunfish Vertical Rudder for sale

    Check out this great vertical rudder that my Grandfather made way back to improve our his Sunfish sailboats performance and it works so much better than the original design. You can see it on eBay, just search Sunfish Rudder.
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    Expired I need a rudder! Orange Beach Al

    Hi, I have a vertical rudder for sale on Ebay that can be shipped out right away, I also have an original Mahogany one as well. John B