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    Have you named your boat?

    Ours is Duval St. After the main strip on Key West. So even up here in Massachusetts, I can go hang out on Duval St. Any time I want.
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    14.2 boat for sale no mast

    That's crazy. I bought a new mast via a Catalina dealer in ~2005 for around $5-600. A tree limb had bent the original from the boat that I inherited. I now store the mast in the garage over winter.
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    Capri 14.2 Mast Wanted

    I bought one in 2005 or so and had to go through a Catalina dealer, and it wasn't too bad. If memory serves it cost around $500 though and transport was a little tricky. You might be able to find one from a parts boat for less, but good luck either way.
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    Newbie question - can I step mast with boat in water dockside

    Agreed, if the side stays are on, it cannot fall forward. But if the side stays are not on it's real trouble. Those should always be attached before she's stepped up and not come off until she's down.
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    Help for uprighting a capsized Catalina 14

    It'd be a lot more work for not much payoff. It's just not needed. And probably risky to get tangled in things and tear. Just be sure the main is not cleated so as to let the water dump off, which doesn't take long. Other than that righting her wouldn't be any easier w/o a sail.
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    Newbie question - can I step mast with boat in water dockside

    Oh, one other thing. Plan to have a mast crutch or something else (crew?) hold the top of the mast up off of the transom before you step it up. Without it, the spreaders fall awkwardly right by the transom and put all the weight on the spreaders and stays.
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    Newbie question - can I step mast with boat in water dockside

    I step mine in the water too, and it's no problem for me. I've never used Kent's system, above, but love the idea. I do suggest keeping a few spare rings&pins. Do it enough times and you're sure to drop one eventually...
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    Damaged Plastic bags inside the hull

    Probably not the cheapest option but Coleman and other camping brands sell collapsible water jugs about that size for around the campsite. Two or three of those on each side would probably be about equivalent volume. I think they 5 gallons apiece for maybe $10 each. Check
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    Few questions on rigging

    Tip: look up at the top of this page for the blue bar and click "C14 handbook" for he referenced manual. I concur with the advice for a "sloppy" rig. On my c14, I can tighten that wing nut all the way down but it definitely doesn't secure the bottom of the mast. It's just meant to hold it in...
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    Buying Advice

    You'll find the centerboard may stick a little, but it's obvious how it pivots down, so what you think is improbably accurate. When up, the aft end of the board in the cockpit goes down into the water which pivots the forward end (with the ring) toward the Barney post. That ring is used to...
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    Slot seal strips for swing keel

    I saw these in the west marine catalog the other day. It seems to solve the battery securing problem, if you have a good place/way to mount it...
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    Tiller connection to rudder head?

    Agreed, mine is also stopped only by a small screw. The shortening this allows is really useful at the dock, because you can back it way out to help clear it from the traveller or sheet if things get tangled at all. Underway, I'm with mike that I rarely need to shorten it more than a few...
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    Used Boat Question

    I have a 1985 just like the one you're describe, #636. It has a motor mount attached, through- bolted but hi on the transom, which my dad installed long ago and I reinforced and reinstalled about 5 years ago. We used to have a 3hp on it and it was more than enough for basic ocean going. I...
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    Canoe I keep my canoe upside down atop the Capri, with the tarp over both and it sheds the snow nicely. I built a little 2x4 rig that rests across the Capri gunwales near the transom for the canoe rest on. I don't get water in at all but keep the drain plug loose just in case and put some ant...
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    Dude Sailing in Viagra Commercial

    Saw it too Yeah I saw this too, but if it is being tugged its antithetical to the premise of the ad ( that nothing holds this guy back), right?
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    Sailing in heavy winds

    Thanks for confirming I feel like I have about the same upper limits as mentioned above. Whitecaps send me in and in heavier air i leave the ji at home or take her down. I almost always solo, but long for the extra ballast on those days knowing that I could make her really move. Thanks for...
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    Water-tight hatch Up grade for Mod 2

    Confirmed Just to confirm, I also have an '85 mod 1 (#636) and my bag is brown. Funny the boat and spare parts was a handmedown and I never realized the brown bag was standard equipment. My cuddy door was lost before I got her and I plan to replace it this offseason. Actually I made a...
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    Help for uprighting a capsized Catalina 14

    Just because Just because it hasn't happened to me or I haven't seen it, doesn't mean it's impossible. I will now sail accordingly. Thanks!
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    Water Bottle Holder

    Love it Love the idea and I have been eying that spot to mount a radio or a basket to hold stuff, since even if capsized anything mounted there won't get wet. Last year a built a dual cup holder that holds cans/bottles out of cedar and I mounted it on the transom on my motor mount bracket...
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    Help for uprighting a capsized Catalina 14

    Cuddy door I've found that my (mod1 #636) cuddy door is well up out of the water when capsized and there's basically no chance of water running in to fill the hull. The pic above seems to support this. But I've never had her on her side for more than a few minutes. I've read of people adding...