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  1. drLaser

    Media 15:1 Custom Vang (by Shevy Gunter, Aka Dr Laser)

    If I remember correctly... the two "foot-blocks" are added to the sides of the vang "key block" through the "vang tang" pin holes on the key block. That is, the pin at the bottom of the vang key block is removed. It is replaced by a longer bolt and lock-nut of appropriate diameter and length...
  2. drLaser

    News If he only would have been able to notice this ...

    We will miss Hermann. A very nice and gentle man who always had the welfare of the Laser Class in mind. I will remember him as a dear friend of the drLaser website, too. May he rest in peace. Shevy Gunter Laser 184778
  3. drLaser

    Class Politics New standard sail

    Lu noted: "(The Laser first) came with the Elvstroem Sail. Years later, this sail was replaced by a Haarstick sail, followed by another Haarstick (with the word “compucut” in the sailsticker) a couple of years later. Then, in early 90s, the Hyde 3.8 oz sail was introduced. Has there been any...
  4. drLaser

    Class Politics New standard sail

    Greetings! It surely has been a long time. :) I definitely support this project. We did ask ILCA to push for a new Standard sail design. Not at all costs, though! For instance, would you like this 12-panel, bi-radial cut sail to render all current sails obsolete overnight, or to cost 970...
  5. drLaser

    What did happened to DRLaser?

    OK OK! I'll get it back online again! ASAP. Sorry for the mishap. (I'm fine.) Shevy G.
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    Class Politics A new clew tie-down sleeve?

    See: I hear the JC strap got a good evaluation at the recent World Council meeting. The photo above should give you an idea. Note that all commercial rights are reserved by John Christianson. SG
  7. drLaser

    Class Politics DrLaser Passwords

    I signed on to make sure everything is cool. Good. Sorry for the absence. And for the (host machine change caused) recent access problems. All corrected now. Too busy with sailing and everything else. But my heart is here with you. Will be back soon. Shevy
  8. drLaser

    Carbon Tiller Extension

    I just received my Rooster extension in the mail. Steve Cockerill says "No, the Rooster stick does not normally come that (i.e., 52") long." Steve thinks even a 49" (125 cm) stick is TOO long. SG
  9. drLaser

    Cockpit drain plug assembly repair

    Yes, Fred Schroth has dealt with it! Maybe I will deal with it in the next few days, too. If I dare to. That the brass cockpit bushing is "slightly off-center" may be a very bad sign! See: Good luck! Shevy
  10. drLaser

    any tips or hints for rigging the old system (outhaul, cunningham)

    Full descriptions of "old system" outhaul and vang systems are available on the drLaser web site. Check the FAQ (I think). Shevy Joe: Did you join Vanguard??? What do you do there?
  11. drLaser

    Tiller extentions

    I used a "SailingInternational" 125 cm (48") long and 19mm diameter carbon extension (and same brand tiller) for the past five years. I finally broke the extension last weekend. Inadvertantly. Totally stupid to destroy the last specimen of a great design on earth! I'm now replacing it with a...
  12. drLaser

    4.7 Demos at Laser NA's

    > Of course there are evil undertones all over it. Just kidding, Shevy. I think the 4.7 idea was a great idea! What other one design can take the kids graduating from the Optimist into their seventies or nineties, all using the same hull, same foils, same boom, same lower mast, same rigging...
  13. drLaser

    Traveler line question

    My comment was neither unwarranted nor unsupported. It's not cheap either. My suggestion to take it to the Class & Politics section is neither a requirement, nor THE MAIN ISSUE -- which was "who the hell is Vanguard?". My comment is PART of who Vanguard is. If you have things to say...
  14. drLaser

    laser cunningham

    Many people argue that to pull the cunningham grommet down by, say, 6 inches, you would need to pull on (6 x 10 = 60 inches =) 5 feet of the control line. Then, that line gets occasionally sucked into the mainsheet ratchet block if not maintained continuously. Another consideration is the...
  15. drLaser

    Deck to Hull Joints

    See "Repairing Laser Hull-to-Deck Joints" in the drLaser web site. Direct URL: SG Editor, drLaser
  16. drLaser

    Class Politics Shrink tubing on the traveller blocks

    My ISP connection went dead and this browser just "ate" my reply! Short answer: Consider the "tape over garden hose" solution to the same. Dev is just being super-cautious here. Don't worry about it. A measurer's rights are limited. SG
  17. drLaser

    Traveler line question

    Dave Kirkpatrick of Vanguard wrote: > ???WTF? Hi, Dave, If interested, the appropriate forum for this discussion (with or without such language) is the "Class & Politics" bulletin board of this forum. Or we can do it privately, if you prefer. But if this was a sincere inquiry, the...
  18. drLaser

    Mainsheet Block Size

    Ronstan-Frederiksen Series 60 (60 mm) ratchet (Model No. RF62100) is the one to use for the Laser. It has a max rope diameter of 10 mm (3/8") and weighs in at 126 g. Its on/off switch is fitted on both sides of the block. Note that Frederiksen is now "integrated with" Ronstan, and a new...
  19. drLaser

    Traveler line question

    It's called the "Performance Upgrade Kit" by Vanguard. It's made up of Harken blocks, except for Holt blocks for the deck block fitting and Holt cleats for the deck cleat base. Our (North American) new vang is also a Harken-manufactured vang. Its design and tech specs and feel are all...