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    Question Need help with rigging Mackay 470

    I am quite far from Florida, but please post your questions, preferrably with pictures, here and we can figure out as much as possible :) How old is your boat? The good thing about Mackays is that they’re all relatively new, and generally haven’t been refitted by clueless intermediate owners...
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    Seeking old wood tiller

    Make your own :) I believe the original material was mahogany. One metre (about 40 in) is a better length. It would even be class legal! _
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    Nautivella 470 manufacture year?

    The lack of traveller supports means that this boat was built before April 1986; furthermore, the short cockpit floor stringers point to pre-1985. The International number 25241 is however too large to be of a much older boat, so 1984 is my best guess at the moment. Üdvözlet Finnországból :D _
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    Harken Swivel Base - How to Remove?

    Just remove the pin, and the stainless U-adapter and the plastic plate come off. The plate is intended to protect the fitting itself against the standup spring; it’s not really necessary, and Harken isn’t even selling them separately. What boat is that? A 505? _
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    Rimini. Not Garda :rolleyes: But still a cool channel, thanks for bringing attention to it :) _
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    The Raymarine Tacktik Microcompass deck mount

    Most just don’t seem to care how the centreboard elastic runs over or around a compass mount. I don’t use a compass, but if I did, I’d figure out some off-centreline solution. Haven’t seen anyone else try that yet. _
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    What do you mean Tornado, that’s a Hobie 16... But that is a cool channel! Search for ”Joseph Bennett” on YouTube. The Tornado video you mean is ”Tornado European Championships - Onboard with Live Commentary GBR2 -”, and it’s from 2018. (Can’t post direct links right now, sorry :oops: ) _
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    What is my sail number???

    You can do a lot of things... but if you have no number you don't race :oops: That's the short answer. But, have you looked for an embossed code on the transom, sticker or plaque on the aft wall of the cockpit, and/or a number under the bow eye? Does the boat have an original sail? Is it...
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    Harken 433 Hook for outhaul clew

    Never used this on my own boats, but I have rigged a couple of club boats with it, and they had no problems. (This is assuming it’s rigged so that the hook is the only thing touching the clew so it takes both leech and foot tension, and not with a separate clew tie-down line or strap through...
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    Repair Outhall Friction

    No worries :D It’s about maximizing the range of adjustment. You want to get as much leech tension as possible, and racers are very determined to utilize those last few millimetres! (And it looks cooler, too :D ) The Harken 433 hook should be a good base for rigging a nice bead system. _
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    Repair Outhall Friction

    Eyeper, as I’ve noted before, the beads are specifically allowed in the class rules :rolleyes: It’s just that nobody has (yet!) bothered to develop a system that includes them and still gets the clew all the way down to the boom. _
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    Hook, strap or line to attach clew to boom?

    To answer the title question: strap for racing, Harken hook tied tightly to the boom is recreationally ok. (How would it not be secure in big wind?) To make the sail free to move around: turn head to wind, untie the sheet from the aft boom block, pull the end through the traveller block, and...
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    Repair Does replacing the sail window break rule compliance?

    That's legal. If not, it should be. It looks like the only difference to the original window is the slight difference in the orientation of the fibres. That's not enough of a change in "essential characteristics". The real problem is that there's no machanism of getting quick answers from...
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    Laser 2 Jib Tracks

    Sure. But the Laser 2 isn't a singlehander either :rolleyes: The L2 class rules actually require a minimum crew of 2. (Fun fact: there's no maximum :D ) So whenever you're racing, even in a handicap fleet, you need to have someone else on board in addition to yourself. (And now that I think...
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    Laser 2 Jib Tracks

    I was wrong! Allen still makes the A4274, albeit with newer style cleats. This is the best deal I found with a quick search: Allen 377mm Sliding Fairlead Track w/ Cam Cleat You need to shorten the tracks by at least 72 mm, and you can take even more off, especially if you mount them...
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    Laser 2 Jib Tracks

    1. This is what the class rules say: The jib sheet fairlead and cleat may be replaced by an adjustable fairlead and cleat on a track maximum length 305mm (12”). The fairlead shall not contain any moving parts. The jib tracks and cleats must be positioned within the maximum and minimum...
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    Laser #167362 Standard Rig - (Fully Race Ready)

    Is this 157926 (title), 156937 (text), or 167362 (pictures)? :confused: _
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    Repair Outhall Friction

    dothedew: lubrication certainly helps, as well as a fresh inhaul elastic. bclark: it’s better to pass the inhaul through the cringle on the sail, so it doesn’t twist the strap. At the other end it may be attached anywhere, including the boom Clamcleat - in fact, before 2018 that was the only...
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    Where to find Laser 2 bailer replacement?

    IYE was dissolved in 2000. Someone has been making the Super Shute 60, as well as a whole line of traveller parts under the IYE name long after that date, though. Quite possibly RWO, who’s located in the same town (Benfleet, Essex). I agree that it’s probably easiest to make the opening a few...
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    ILCA 7 Sailmakers

    I am not aware of any others making Laser sails in the last 30 years (or so). And of the three, Neil Pryde is actually fairly new at this. This should apply to all the sailmakers, and all sail sizes and models: North Vs Hyde _