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    Flying with Laser Blades

    @AmirahMoon not sure your point exactly on the skates? If your comment was made in reference to the earlier "blades" comment above, the rudder/daggerboard are often referred to as "blades" informally. But yes, I agree - most sporting equipment (skates included) are allowed on airlines...
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    Flying with Laser Blades

    @usa538 oh wow - ya the other case at Jenson @ Midwinters. I would be up to throwing the bag in there! That could save some time. However, the reviews of the case out there say the Pelican Vault series are good, but can compress under load (ie a luggage pile up). Vang metal, mega bolts, &...
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    Flying with Laser Blades

    @SailAwry - see above
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    Flying with Laser Blades

    Glad to share. Let me see if some descriptions can help: Yes, the case has 4 layers of foam. 2 of the layers are thinner and those two layers fit snuggly into the top of the case and bottom of the case. I left these alone 2 thicker layers are really the ones I worked with and yes the...
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    Flying with Laser Blades

    Old string, but I thought I would post my "Pelican Vault 800 Case" I recently purchased and took on flight. I used an electric carving knife to make cut outs in the foam layers. Worked great, no issues.
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    "Tennis Elbow" (Lateral Epicondylitis) - anyone use a brace with success?

    ya @Tom Vollbrecht, if i get the time I will probably be PT bound.
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    "Tennis Elbow" (Lateral Epicondylitis) - anyone use a brace with success?

    Right @ProATC - this will certainly be unlikely to manage without a cleat and l bet I just need serious time off. I was hoping to keep racing to the start of December. Regardless, I will still take recommendations from anyone out there who found a particular brace useful. I am planning to...
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    "Tennis Elbow" (Lateral Epicondylitis) - anyone use a brace with success?

    Wondering if anyone has had the unfortunate aggravation of "Tennis Elbow" which occurs in many chronic load bearing activities with a grip (ie main sheeting). This is inflammation and pain on the outside (lateral side) of the elbow on or near the pointy prominence. With this type of injury, has...
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    Laser traveler trailer

    I went with Trailex which has a swivel bow piece. I think that is like a ~$50 upgrade (but they all might come with it now?) In the beginning I asked for help (ie 2 people to pick up to transfer to dolly). However, now I am completely independent picking up the stern on my own for the transfer...
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    Expired  DELAWARE Dolly or Dynamic Dolly parts

    Anyone have the front parts of a Dynamic Dolly to send along or sell cheap? And/or a whole other dolly (any make). Would help my storage situation and maneuvering single handedly. Thanks
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    Do Laser courses suck?

    Sailing (especially Laser sailing) is a thinking game of strategy, angles, tactics, along with sail trim/motions (that are legal of course). Downwind serves that dish up much better compared to reaches. BTW - you don't have to pick just one boat. Sail two or more classes (will make you...
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    Transferring Laser from Kitty Hawk trailer to Dynamic Dolly

    . No, that would be the purpose of the Right-On-Trailer where boat sits on dolly then dolly on trailer. I believe attempting that with Kitty Hawk would be a disaster. BTW - going back to the above comment leaving the boat attached to the hitch is good vs dropping the tongue to the ground...
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    Help with cleaning a very dirty Laser

    I have not used Muriatic Acid but hear good stuff. The thing I remember hearing about it is the time sensitivity aspect. It needs to go on then needs to come off pretty quick or it can do some damage. There is either a string in here somewhere or in Good luck - I...
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    Getting back in

    Ideally I find as the boat is in the motion of righting itself you don't go from daggerboard to water to in-boat, but rather from daggerboard to in-boat. It probably looks ungraceful but as I get in I do my best to displace my weight to both sides to prevent it capsizing right back over. I...
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    Mooring a Laser

    So if you are mooring the laser as a bare hull, then are you going out to get the boat only to bring it to shore to rig? And the same would need to occur to derig the boat? If you were doing this back-n-forth to rig and unrig, it seems like a waste of time and might as well keep on land...
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    laser outhaul/cunningham rigging for light wind

    Outhaul, - this video by Steve Cockerill does a nice job showing a really good outhaul set-up. For you the question - hone in on the part specifically about the elastic shock cord (ie bungee) that helps pull the sail clew back when releasing. Cunningham . . . make sure line running...
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    Fastest Laser Ever!!!

    @pvansch1 Hey Pete - Welcome! I'm kind of recently back too after a long hiatus in sailing. The Laser makes a lot of sense (and kinda no sense) to me at this stage in my life. It's fun attempting to get my boat (and me) up to speed. As far as polishing and waxing - I have settled on...
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    Fastest Laser Ever!!!

    Yes, I 1000% agree practice is the gold standard for any sport to produce performance/speed. For this particular post, the writer specifically asked "what she can wax, sand, or do to make my laser go as fast as possible". Based on the wording, I believe writer was hoping for more advice on...
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    Fastest Laser Ever!!!

    I found this old string from years ago. I found most of the posts above to be on the ridiculous side as this was/is a legitimate ongoing question regarding wet sanding, waxing, or polishing practices to achieve a well-performing (fast) undercoat and/or foils. As many are looking to do some...