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    I’ve sailed my Sunfish on all the Great Lakes except Ontario.
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    2-part epoxy (like West Systems or TotalBoat) is not the same as polyurethane.
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    New owner in MN

    Zip ties make install of the block and stand up spring so much easier.
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    Um, if you need any help sailing that boat in Curacao, I'm willing to come and visit! :)
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    Attaching cheek block to fairlead

    You could try a small block that attaches to the fairlead with line - Harken calls them soft attach.
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    Sunfish History: Share your photos!

    I've not tried Sunfish racing yet, but I have plenty of sailing photos and/or GoPro video screenshots. This is from July 2018, sailing on Lake Michigan, near Arcadia, Michigan. I'm sailing our Sunfish (foreground), and my oldest son is sailing on the Minifish (background). There was a storm...
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    Sunfish Tools...

    that's a grande idea! ;)
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    Boat Pics

    I like the necktie!
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    Sunfish need a new name

    In recent news: “I think the name is incorrect. It’s a sun leviathan, it’s a sun monster, it’s no fish.”
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    Big Updates: Dark Mode, Web App (PWA), Notifications on Android and Desktop, section updates

    Thanks for all your hard work Bradley!
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    books about sailing for teen

    I really enjoyed "Second Wind" by Nathaniel Philbrick - it's an easy read and quite entertaining.
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    Super porpoise?

    Crystal Lake is beautiful - still probably one of my favorite sails ever.
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    SOL boat?

    Well they are a Michigan based company, and are not too far from Detroit - I thought SOL around here meant "Same Old Lions" as is frequently shouted out after they snatch defeat from the jaws of victory each week. I'd avoid buying a SOL sailboat in Honolulu blue and silver colors.
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    SOL boat?

    Video of the Rocket sailing on this recent Instagram post:
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    Azores Sunfish--WTH?

    Wrap it up in black plastic, cut in an inspection port, and throw a 5" or 6" duct fan on it. It'll be nice and dry by spring. ;)
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    SOL boat?

    Curious how it would compare to the Rocket sailboat. Isn’t the Rocket 30-lbs lighter too?
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    Got the bug. First trip out yesterday.

    If you're not sailing in official class events, you're best bet is the "for sale" section of this forum for used parts or Intensity Sails for new parts.
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    Got the bug. First trip out yesterday.

    Congrats on your first sail. To help with the mainsheet drooping, you can add mainsheet hangers. A few places online sell them, other people have come up with a way to 3D print them. I personally just used a couple of loose zip-ties and it worked just fine.
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    This is an interesting video.

    That was a pretty long video with ZERO time spent on the water sailing it...
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    Super porpoise?

    Detroit west suburbs