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    For Sale UK Mainsails

    What part of RI? I'm in CT.
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    Mysterious bilge water

    I'm in Connecticut. Hopefully out of Niantic Bay Yacht Club. They have a small, 5 or 6 boat fleet there that races Wednesday nights. There is a strong PHRF fleet in the area for weekend racing as well.
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    For Sale UK Mainsails

    Good evening, Is the jib still available? Thanks, Pete
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    Mysterious bilge water

    Awesome!! Thank you for the information. I'm in the process of purchasing a J/24. It has some little things I'd like to do and then spend as much time sailing / racing and enjoying time on the water.
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    Mysterious bilge water

    That looks fantastic!! Question for you, is the floor also glued or bonded down?
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    For Sale J24 USA4800 - New Jersey

    I haven't rec'd anything yet [email protected]
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    For Sale J24 USA4800 - New Jersey

    I'm interested. Sent you an Email Pete
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    Adding Cam Cleats

    I have them and like them. New to laser sailing. It's a nice relief in the old hands.
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    Replacement Mainsheet Blocks Check this site out. I bought a boat with their sail. So far so good. Prices are great too.
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    First sail on my boat

    It's from a ramp. Didn't make it out, iffy weather so I stayed off the water. There is a small area I can temporarily tie up to while I park the Jeep and trailer. Gong to be a hot weekend coming up so I will definitely get out.
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    Mooring a Laser

    Pull it occasionally to make sure there is no water in it. Wax it good too.
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    First sail on my boat

    I've sailed Lasers in the past, I bought a used one a few months ago. Put in many hours getting it back to looking good. If all goes well, I'm hitting the water for the first sail of the season tomorrow, water is still a tad chilly so hopefully not a windy and wet day. Two questions; I have a...
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    laser outhaul/cunningham rigging for light wind

    Good morning, I'm new to the Laser world and full questions myself, that being said I bought a used boat with the upgraded racing boom vang, outhaul set up and stuff. I was also given a box of spare parts, some of which is the old boom vang blocks. I ordered up the needed lines to eliminate the...
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    Fastest Laser Ever!!!

    I'm new to Laser sailing, sailed them a few times as a teen back in the 80's. Prior to that we raced Dyer Dhow Dingies 7'11" As competitive as all us kids were them damn things got polished with good ole Rain Dance car wax and that seemed to be the magic elixir for speed. I purchased my 1st...
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    Laser: stuck upper mast plug

    New way to make a starting canon LOL
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    Expired J24 hull number 53 with trailer $4500 obo; Litchfield ct.

    Is the boat is available, where can it be seen?