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  1. J

    Expired 470 for sale in Kentucky

    I'd like to talk about that laser If you wanna call 859-327-7469, I'm up till about midnight, If you wanna send some pics to [email protected] or text them to my phone. I don't mind if its missing parts, The amount of fiberglass repair would be my concern. I'm in lexington.
  2. J

    Looking for partner to go in half on new Laser in Lexington KY

    I'm in lexington ky looking for other to go in half to share laser. Send email [email protected]
  3. J

    Expired 470 for sale in Kentucky

    I was wondering if your 470 was still for sale, I know its been years since your posting.
  4. J

    Expired  Looking for crew to buy used boat and start racing.

    I'm in lexington KY; looking to buy a used boat $8k-$11k, We all would split the cost. I would like the boat to be on the central east coast. I dont have alot of experience in racing but I'm looking to get started. I'm open to investing as much as others to make the boat better and racing cost...