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    Hauling sunfish onto dock

    Throw down. You are not old and weak!! Did you see the pic from the Worlds? When are we entering? Kitty
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    Refurbishing a Vintage SF - Where to Start

    Hey Throwdown...that is so "IN" ombre!!! you are so stylin!!!!
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    What's this old-style rudder worth?

    speaking of wood rudder forgot to move. It doesn't flip I loosened the nuts and bolts..can someone tell me the optimum tension so I don't lose any hardware in good wind? I think it suffered from electrolysis from being in salt but I have sailed it since and never had a...
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    A new Respect for Sailors of smaller Boats

    Aye Billy Don't feel so bad...I have had my Sunfish for over 20 years...sailed in most kinds of wind and water including salt. But I recently waxed the deck...whooosh ..fell in the drink 3 times... never happened before. I am older than you are!!! Then I got "smart" and sat in the cockpit. I...
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    Sunfish Race Accessories

    Hello Is the rudder and cheek assembly still available? Kitty
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    Canyon Lake, Texas newer Sunfish

    Are you back????? Happy Hunting. K
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    newbee questions

    ps Dave I just read on The Hull Truth forum lots of info on non skid "cheap" suggestion was MOP and GLOW!!! worth a try. K
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    newbee questions

    Hi Dave I am a long time sailor,,,but I recently waxed my SF and would you believe I fell into the drink 3 mini I am glad to know about the non skid wax!!! Have fun with you boat. Kitty
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    Scorpion rudder and tiller wanted, So. Tex

    I have Scorpion, sail, daggerboard , mast and boom. According to propaganda the Scorpion parts are interchangeable with the Sunfish...but not so. My Sunfish rudder does not fit the pin holes on the Scorpion. Does anyone have such items for sale? It is not the "old style" just has smaller...
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    1959 vs. 1960 Alcort Sailfish Identifier?

    there is a brass chain on E bay this morning. K
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    old vs. new rudder question

    So glad to hear that...Boat still in the truck. Thank you...Have safe weekend! I will be in touch...K
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    1959 vs. 1960 Alcort Sailfish Identifier?

    you are so fortunate and to have the stories that go with the boat. That was my first :fish: although it was wooden Every summer was spent painting the deck with the grit paint. Poor thing had a Viking death sorry to say. But great memories. K
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    old vs. new rudder question

    Kudos go out to everyone who has responded to my questions. I have received such informative suggestions. I was able to meet up with a person at LCYC yesterday. Had a great time but the wind was just not there. Discovered my bailer was loose. So that gave me something to do!!! Minifish2...
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    old vs. new rudder question

    that is so cool! I grew up here and am only here in the summers and off and on otherwise. I didn't know there was a sailing clueless...where is the LCYC? It is really difficult for me to load and unload my boat from my truck by myself ..I actually need a trailer. I would love to...
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    old vs. new rudder question

    Yes I do. I meant to go today, but decided to wax the boat instead.
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    old vs. new rudder question

    Thank you guys for the info and help. I found a guy in Austin at to help me with the new rudder and inspection port. lNew Question:....I am thinking of going to the World in NC just to be in the midst. I would love to stay at a place nearby with a sailboat available. Does...
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    old vs. new rudder question

    I have a sunfish...(my love). I recently bought a Scorpion under the impression that parts were interchangeable. However the Scorpion did not come with rudder and tiller. My sunfish rudder will not fit on the Scorpion the Scorpion pin holes are too small. Options: Chuck the Scorpion (it...