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  1. Nicholson58

    Sunfish History: Share your photos!

    My guess is a Fatty Knees dinghy/tender or similar. I noted later it is the tender to a yacht anchored a quarter mile away. Sometimes it has a small outboard. Seems to sail well enough.
  2. Nicholson58

    Sunfish History: Share your photos!

    Got a little closer today
  3. Nicholson58

    Sunfish History: Share your photos!

    Just saw this one in Le Marin, Martinique, West Indies. 18March2023 looks a bit unusual
  4. Nicholson58

    And then there were FIVE

    Sailed one of these 60 years ago on Crystal Lake Benzine, Michigan. I was 10. Yes, I’m old. I’m sure you can get red sails made. now sailing Roxy
  5. Nicholson58

    Ratchet block with cam

    Here is mine
  6. Nicholson58

    Water in Hull

    Certainly a possibility but the elephant in this room on an old Sunfish is the hull to deck joint. I assume most owners have added a drain at a low point on the transom.
  7. Nicholson58

    Sunfish Clone: 1972 Starfish Long Crack Repair Help

    Wast Marine and YouTube have nice videos on glass repair. you will not get a proper fix by filling with resin alone. Cures, unreinforced resin id brittle. You will need to grind to the base of the cut and feather outwards. Use epoxy and glass cloth to build back to the surface and fair with a...
  8. Nicholson58

    Project Thread: Fixing up hull #37831

    Use a shop vac. Suck or blow. The deck to hull joint probably leaks. There is a thread on this site for that repair. I would use Awl Grip paint.
  9. Nicholson58

    Help! Brass wood screws

    Just a caution or two. I have found many small bronze flat head wood screws in the floor structure and cabinets of our 1984 Camper & Nicholson 58 ketch. These are straight blade slotted. Many of the heads have broken off as I tried to remove them. bigger is better and slotted is not preferable...
  10. Nicholson58

    Help! Brass wood screws

    I would never use brass. #1 those are “yellow brass”. They are zinc rich and will corrode quickly, especially in salt water. #2 too soft to be reliably removed after time. use SS
  11. Nicholson58

    Fixing Both Halyard-Fairlead and Deck-Cleat at Same Time...

    I installed one round port. It’s possible to reach inside and add aluminum backer plates, bolts, nuts, Calk.
  12. Nicholson58

    DePersia bailer

    I had to cut mine out with a carbide wheel, big drills, carbide die grinder. I installed a new plastic unit.
  13. Nicholson58


    A fellow at the club had his wife make Kevlar shorts from an old sail. He wears them to protest meetings.
  14. Nicholson58

    Best length for Sunfish tiller extension

    I made a shortie from wood as well as a plastic clip from polyethylene. The stick is 27 inches, plenty unless you are hard core racing. Any longer is tough to swing under the yoke. Rudder is home made too. Last summer, new mounting bracket and kick up. The pivot is a highly compressed stack of...
  15. Nicholson58

    Inexpensive option for block/ratchet block with cleat option? Does NOT need to be class legal

    Mine shown in #5 is Ronstan. Do this google search. You will find many options.
  16. Nicholson58

    Fall Mess Abouts

    Back in Trinidad now. All teak and holly sole cabin interior was completed before we arrive as was the deck with new Awlgrip And nonskid. The bottom is ready for anti fouling if the rain stops. I’ve reinstalled the VHF and RAM back from repairs. New TV in, works. Emptied 280 gallons of water...
  17. Nicholson58

    Making Up for a Quiet Hurricane Season...

    Ian definitely a big one. Lots of infrastructure to wreck compared to the past. Lots of construction barely above sea level. All in all this has been a minor year. We noted colder warmer throughout the Caribbean diving and snorkeling. That portends fewer storms. It’s almost over. In 2016-17...
  18. Nicholson58

    Need a O'Day repair person!

    What kinda probs? Not much you can’t learn to do. Lots of support here and great excuse to buy tools.
  19. Nicholson58

    Two adults carrying a sunfish 50 yards on land?

    Note my post #7, One man job. Pick wide lawn implement wheels and it’s even easier. I have reached the age where torn shoulders and popped disks are life altering. Use a tool whenever possible. There is no point in accumulating damage over time.
  20. Nicholson58

    Rudder Conversion

    Love the photo, 5200 everywhere. In the Caribbean it is hot and humid. We are anchored out from October to June. All jobs using varnish, paint, adhesive are performed in old underwear. Skin renews itself after a few days. Even hair is not much of a problem any more.