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    Laser Storage on hull straps, why Bad idea?

    Strong points on a Laser are stern end of the cockpit and the maststep area, so if I was going to hang it that's where I'd put the straps.
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    What causes this?

    Boat comes from a keen racer, it has a carbon top section and lots of sails, so I think it maybe cracking in the deck gel coat. The damage is over an area that would take a lot of weight/movement.
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    What causes this?

    Owner says it is wear caused by hiking, no marks on the other side. Dunno, I think I'll leave it. Plenty of others around.
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    What causes this?

    I've messaged the owner.
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    What causes this?

    Only got a picture of one side. I considered gel coat cracking due to sailor landing heavily in that area?
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    What causes this?

    I'm interested in a Laser 171000 ish near me. It had a mark/line on the deck just in board of the port gunwale. Do you know what causes this. I have never seen it before.
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    Help! Brass wood screws

    Line up all the screw heads:-)
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    Help! Brass wood screws

    Brass screws need the correct size screw driver. Make sure the screw driver is the full width of the head and a snug fit. I find that 1/4" hex bits are best as the part that actually contacts the screw is parallel sided and so does not "cam out" They are hollow ground. Brass screws are lovely...
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    Wasn’t expecting to find this

    Yes it is possible to veneer over the decks. However getting a good bond will mean vacuum bagging. I had the same issue on a larger boat which had been varnished but badly degraded by sunlight, though some was ok the majority was not and I painted it. From the pictures it looks like the side...
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    Worldwide sail

    Anyone know why these were produced?
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    Special Edition Lasers

    Wow, I'd love that, such a shame lasers are not made "special" anymore.
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    Special Edition Lasers

    Is this one a real special addition?
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    Special Edition Lasers

    Just seem this one on FB
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    Aluminum or stainless rivets on spars

    Once had a Topper dinghy where the kicker/vang attachment was a fabric loop rivetted to the mast using a stainless rivet through a stainless penny washer then the loop and then the mast. One day in hot sunshine after a sail in salt water I noticed bubbles coming from this setup. It was the...
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    Laser 2 Centerboard

    Yes, same as Laser 3000. However getting difficult to find. Do come up on eBay sometimes. Tbh, you may spend less time and have more fun making one up Or try and see if a board from another class will fit. Nobody cares, just go sailing.
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    Laser spar damage

    I'll add that pic to my corrosion damage collection. I've seen similar though by no means so deep caused by the spar resting on a stainless fitting and close to saltwater. If it was resting on a vang fitting it might do that. The spar is scrap though. However I did get a non laser mast patched...
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    Quests, I look after 2 of them as club boats. No real problems, faulty toe strap stitching replaced by RS. Spi halyard cleats wear out really quick as halyard is pulled through them on hoist. I'm changing ours to spinlock ones. Rudder fittings bolted to the boat, came loose but could not be...
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    Laser II restoration

    Lali has written a book on L2s here, my only sensible contribution is if you have them to take out the bolts that hold the shrouds and trapeze wires and check for corrosion underneath, particularly if it has been near salt water. Ours snapped off like a carrot when the boat got blown over. New...
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    Rack Storage of laser on launch trolley

    There are racks like you want at Torquay harbour, RTYC and at Paignton SC. They are used for a variety of boats. They are made from the keyclamp system. I'm going to make similar. We also have an over abundance of Lasers.
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    Anchor for laser Bahia

    Depends on where. Sailing on a muddy tidal estuary with 3 mph tides max and max depth of 6m we use 10lb cqr anchors and 10m of chain with a further 50m of rope on heavy club dinghies. Outboards? We have gone electric. We use epropulsion spirit plus. These are equivalent to 3hp and would be fine...