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  1. whmorack

    For Sale  NEW YORK New, unused Laser 3.8 (standard, full-rig) sail.

    New, unused Laser 3.8, standard, full rig sail. This is an after market sail not class legal. No sail bag or battens. A perfect practice sail. $202.00 and shipped priority mail for free with PayPal friends and family payment. US mainland only. $180.00 if picked up in Norwich, NY.
  2. whmorack

    What is my sail number???

  3. whmorack

    What is my sail number???

    My hull # is OQTL0522K708 and has a sticker in the cockpit saying sail number 192030. If I follow the instructions to determine the sail number from the hull number I come up with a totally different sail number of 210522. How can this be???
  4. whmorack

    Special Edition Lasers

    Norwich, NY
  5. whmorack

    Special Edition Lasers

    It is a real special addition! Mint and almost never sailed. At 66 years old it's time to let her go.
  6. whmorack

    Need laser sail. Who sells them?

    I have both Standard and Radial for sale. See my listing here. [email protected]
  7. whmorack

    New Laser Sails Full (standard) and Radial

    I have a Hyde Laser Sail, Standard (Full Rig), brand new, still sealed in the factory packaging with the blue sail bag. Also a brand new Radial Laser Sail, not sealed, but never unfolded or used. With the red sail bag. $550.00 each. Will ship within the US for free. Or can be picked up in...
  8. whmorack

    2005 Laser-dual rig

    Would like to view and purchase your Laser This Monday if possible. Please contact me soon. 607-226-8173. Thanks, Bill