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    Capri 14.4 parts

    Looking for replacement teak (cowling, hatch, etc). What condition is the wood? Bill
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    Removal of the centerboard - process?

    I would like to remove the CB from the boat to inspect, clean and fair. What is the proper procedure for removing/installing the CB? (can it be one on the trailer or only in the water?) It appears that the CB is held in place by 2 stainless angle pieces which support a pivit bolt. Is...
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    Class restrictions on replacing cuddy hatch? Other questions...

    Question 1: I have a mod 1 with the teak cover for the cuddy. Are there class restrictions regarding replacing the teak hatch cover with a watertight hatch? (If so, is there a kit or standard replacement hatch?) Question 2: What is the purpose of the small hole with rubber grommet on the...
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    F/S: Sunfish & Dilly Trailer $100

    Where are you located? I am very interested in picking up this hull and trailer for our junior sailing program. I am near Richmond, VA.