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    Laser with no hull ID number (HIN)?

    Recently acquired an old Laser hull which does not have a HIN stamped in the expected place (upper starboard transom). Where else might I find the HIN? Or are there Lasers which were built pre-HIN? Thanks in advance
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    ***SOLD*** 1976 Sunfish great condition Sister Bay WI with trailer

    This is a 1976 Sunfish sailboat in excellent condition. All original parts including sail, spars, daggerboard, rudder, tiller, tiller extension. Includes proper halyard and original mainsheet. No damage, never been repaired, never been painted, all original gelcoat. Includes beach/driveway dolly...
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    1983 Laser hull only - Project boat - Wisconsin

    PRICE REDUCED NOW ONLY $100 Offering for sale a 1983 Laser sailboat, hull and hull fittings only. This boat does not include sails, spars, rigging, trailer, tiller or blades. There are two holes in the hull which were caused by improper trailering (see photos). However we do not believe these...
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    Laser sailboat boat cover for sale - top cover - deck cover

    For sale - a used top cover (deck cover) for a Laser sailboat. This is the Storm brand made by North Sails for LaserPerformance. These covers cost $225 if purchased new from LaserPerformance. The cover is used, in good working condition. It has all the straps and buckles. It is somewhat...
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    1976 Sunfish $400 Wisconsin

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    Sunfish with trailer $950 Wisconsin

    Already sold sorry!
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    1976 Sunfish $400 Wisconsin

    For sale: 1976 Sunfish sailboat, with trailer $550. This Sunfish was donated last week to the Ephraim Yacht Club. Now the EYC is selling it to raise funds. Priced to move quickly. The boat is in fair used condition. It has the usual scuffs, scratches and gelcoat chips which you would expect...
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    Sunfish with trailer $950 Wisconsin

    For sale: 1988 Sunfish sailboat. With trailer $950; without trailer $800. This Sunfish was used a little and then stored on a rack in a garage for about 20 years until it was donated last week to the Ephraim Yacht Club. Now the EYC is selling it to raise funds. Priced to move quickly. It's...
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    Older Sunfish daggerboard for sale $50 Wisconsin

    For sale; Sunfish daggerboard in decend used condition, $50 plus shipping. This board has a good amount of normal wear, including to the lower edge, and the varnish is pretty spotty and worn. Otherwise in decent used condition. Not a racing daggerboard, for recreational use only. This is...
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    Used Sunfish sail for sale $30 Wisconsin

    For sale: used Sunfish sail. In decent used condition, suitable for practice or recreational sailing. This is being sold on behalf of the Ephraim Yacht Club, Ephraim, WI. $30 plus shipping. Contact me at (414) 322-7880 or [email protected] Jay Lott
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    Complete Sunfish rudder and tiller Assembly $100 - Wisconsin

    For sale: used Sunfish rudder and tiller assembly. In good working condition. At some point somebody did a crappy job revarnishing it. Buyer can use as-is or sand it and revarnish it. This item is being sold on behalf of the Ephraim Yacht Club, Ephraim, Wisconsin. $100 plus shipping. Contact me...
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    1974 Laser - Project Boat - $400 - Wisconsin

    This 1974 Laser sailboat needs repair before it can be used, but would be a good project boat for someone who wants an inexpensive Laser and who is reasonably handy with fiberglass. Boat is located in Bailey's Harbor, Door County, WI. The boat suffered a mast hole rupture (see pictures). This...
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    Laser Racks - Hold 5 Or 10 Lasers - Wisconsin

    The Ephraim Yacht Club is selling a couple of Laser racks. These racks were built in 2009 and 2010. They each hold five Lasers, which slide in on their rails. The racks are constructed of treated lumber (4x4 corner posts, 2x6 and 2x8 bottom horizontals, 2x4 top horizontals, 2x2 vertical...
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    Laser trailer $250 Bailey's Harbor WI

    Price reduced to $200! Contact [email protected] if you are interested. Jay Lott
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    Yet another Laser Cover $50

    Bill, if you are interested and you are not a spammer, please e-mail me at the e-mail address stated in the original ad, above. Thanks Jay
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    Storing a bunch of Lasers?

    The yacht club of which I am a member wants to create an outdoor storage system for approximately eight to ten Laser hulls. In other words, a rack. We considered storing the boats individually on dollies but that takes up too big a footprint on our pier. Of course we want to store them in a way...