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  1. henry mccallum

    Wanted Looking for J24 spinnaker

    Definitely interested, I’d love to see a picture of it as well as pictures of the repairs. Do you have a price in mind? Feel free to text me at 9027899455 or email at [email protected] Henry
  2. henry mccallum

    Wanted  Looking for J24 spinnaker

    Looking to buy a newish spinnaker.
  3. henry mccallum

    Importing a boat and trailer from the US to Canada

    I'm going to be moving a trailer and boat from Rhode Island to Canada, the trailer is not coming with a license plate, does anyone know how or where to get the temporary registration or plate. Any other tips are appreciated.
  4. henry mccallum

    Expired Looking for J24 on east coast Canada

    Hey definitely something I want to look into do you have any pictures?
  5. henry mccallum

    Expired  CANADA Looking for J24 on east coast Canada

    Looking for a 24 for racing/cruising on the east coast of Canada
  6. henry mccallum

    Expired J/24 3968 (1985) - Ready to Race - Atlantic Canada

    Hey do you have any pictures of the boat and sails?