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    Inexpensive option for block/ratchet block with cleat option? Does NOT need to be class legal

    I'm looking for an inexpensive option for a block or racket with cleat option? Suggestions? If you have a cleat, how helpful do you find the rachet block vs non-ratcheted block. Does NOT need to be class legal
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    Two adults carrying a sunfish 50 yards on land?

    I'm interested in trying to launch my sunfish from a beach that does not have public launch. I would need to carry it about 50 yard to launch it. How easy is this for two adults? Any tips for how to do this? Thanks! Doug
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    All lines needed to attach sail?

    I read a post online that suggested there was a sailing performance benefit in rigging in this manner. Anyone know if that's accurate?
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    Least expensive option for universal style tiller extension?

    I have the old style wood tiller extension. What is the least expensive option for the newer universal style tiller extension?
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    All lines needed to attach sail?

    I have a used Sunfish from the 70's or 80's. The sail is mounted upside and a few of the clips are broken. I want to use lines for all of the connections for the sail that are recommended. What different lines, lengths and knots are used to rig the sail (tie sail to booms, downhaul, outhaul...
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    Most important upgrades for Sunfish from the 70s or 80s.

    A friend just gave me a sunfish from the 70s or 80s. The sail is new (although it is installed upside down) but otherwise I think it the boat is stock. This is the boat that I learned on with my buddy when I was 16. Ive been sailing ever since (52 now) mostly on beach catamarans but larger...