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    Vang Tang Replacement

    Sorry....Yep this is true too.
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    Vang Tang Replacement

    Our business has been selling the Laser/ILCA since the second year of production...and we've seen it all. The original vang tang on the mast had the 3/16" hole for attachment. Now with the new vang arrangement all boats have a 1/4" hole in the vang tang. Just drill it out on the old mast...
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    New spreader & brackets

    I suppose you could trim the end of the spreader off to you desired length at the end closest to the mast and machine your holes how you want being careful to leave enough material outside the hole so the hole does not tear out from the pressure.
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    Where to find Laser 2 bailer replacement?

    oops got he direct email wrong it's [email protected]
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    Where to find Laser 2 bailer replacement?

    We have just one new IYE Super Shute 90 at our store. Has a few minor scuffs and dust from display, but otherwise good to go. [email protected]
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    Looking for a lightly used Mk2 sail - Laser

    Yes, has the orange button, The red sailmakers insignia also has the serial number of the sail, 4.5/class legal, etc. not the Intensity or other knock offs.
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    Looking for a lightly used Mk2 sail - Laser

    If you have not purchased so far we have several new MKII sails with the classic Laser starburst, Back when LP was forcing dealers to buy 10 at a time...anyway the retail is $530/sail, batten sets $45. Plus shipping, and if in Michigan sales tax. Midwest sailing, Michigan. Rick at [email protected]
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    Laser 2 mast step wanted

    We have one at Midwest Sailing in Michigan. We have the newer version and the classic version (new one of each) , need a photo? Then respond to [email protected]
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    Rudder wanted

    We have a used rudder for your boat here in Michigan.
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    Late model excellent cond Laser; midwest

    Check the Midwest Sailing website at for a used Laser.