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    Cars that can trailer Lasers

    In my experience, the average single boat trailer can take speeds of up to around 110-120 km/h without too much drama. Much past that and they tend to get a little bouncy. Make sure that you grease the bearings of your trailer around once a year.
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    Cars that can trailer Lasers

    If you are trailering in the hills with an automatic transmission, listen carefully, because the transmission might jump around a lot because of the changing loads. You might want to consider forcing the transmission to hold gears... its a little hard on mileage but easier on the transmission...
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    couple quick questions...

    I was told by my coach that they measured 30 kt gusts on the second day of youthfest on Charlie course.
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    couple quick questions...

    After racing on an active team for all of last year, i have run into a couple of questions that my teammates were also puzzling over. First, during CORK series one last august, the windspeed increased to over 30 knots during one of the races. At this point, it became nearly impossible to gybe...
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    tell tales

    Depends, just like everyone said. You also want to factor in windspeed... in really slow wind, (specifically under 6 knots) you'll want your upper telltales streaming and your lowers limp with just a little dance. Generally otherwise, just keep them streaming, and make sure your not making too...
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    Gel Coat

    I believe that putting a new coat of paint oin your boatis the equivalent of adding 2 kilos (not sure what that is in pounds). If you want a quote, just ask your local fibreglass repair shop... im assuming you have one... you might have to go a distance to find one if you dont live on a major coast.
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    Backwards Capsize

    If its windy and wavy, try surfing the waves, the added speed will give the boat more stability and is also a blast. Also try not to move the rudder to much... i took my laser out once and got caught in a line squall going downwind (wind went up to around 30+ knots) and even a little rudder had...
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    Club 420

    all right... first off.. a club 420 that costs $1000 is quite likely going to need some serious attention before it goes sailing. Second, there is nothing wrong with the 420 or the Laser 2... however, the Laser 2 is a more or less dead class as far as real competition is considered. The 420...
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    New Laser Hulls

    watch out when you say "vanguard"... they often subcontract actual boat building... for instance... when the 49er was first built by vanguard, it was produced by a small american boatbuilding company, but something happened and now they all come from new zealand.
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    Laser Speed

    I've had one up around 14-15 knots in a squall... why not try yourself? Just find a nice windy day with relatively flat water (or BIG surfing waves- no chop) and have fun!
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    Hull finishes

    when your refinishing... your going to want to have a browse through the class rules... they are pretty specific when it comes to this kind of thing. If in doubt, get someone who knows a lot about maitenance at your local club to help you.
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    Class Politics  Serial (Hull) Number

    serial number Does anybody know if there is a way to tell the age of your laser by reading the serial number on the laser? Can I also tell the manufacturer of my laser? Thanks, JB.
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    New vs. used hulls? or importance of age of a hull?

    Alright, when it comes to new vs. old boats, the main concern is a dry hull. If the hull is dry, you're good to go with the hull. A new hull will offer marginal performance and will cost a lot. A far more effective use of your money would be to invest in new foils/ sails and re-gelcoating your...
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    soft hull?

    Last summer I was training on my laser one day and i capsised. I performed a dry capsise, i slid down the side of the hull to the daggerboard but as I did this the hull "popped" inwards for a moment, turning from its regular convex to a concave chine under my weight. This worried me and I...