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    Wanted Wtb Shroud screws and lower connector

    Thanks for the education, I remembered that I had some spares in the garage.
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    Wanted  Wtb Shroud screws and lower connector

    Does anyone have a suggestion of where I can get these parts? Preferably used. My port upper shroud connection is stripped.
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    Expired need to buy backstay legs

    Great suggestion, much less expensive than others. I'm ordering today!
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    questions about getting new backstay legs

    I posted this in the equipment area but think I should post it here. My backstay is too loose, everything on the rig is correct but after the previous owner cut down the mast he never addressed the backstay. To get full range of backstay I need to shorten the legs to about 90.5 inches pin to...
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    Expired  need to buy backstay legs

    My backstay is several inches out of spec, I believe they are too long due to the mast being cut down and the previous owner never replaced them. The turnbuckles are fully tightened and still leave too much slack. The measurement for the distance between mast but and 3rd screw below deck is...
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    Expired  Want to buy Main, jib and genoa in good condition

    I would like to get a gently used set of sails for practice. If you have something send me a photo. I prefer North Sails.
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    1979 keel sump stringers rotten

    I have some rotten wood in the keel sump. I am going to replace the stringers that were installed when the verm job was done a long time ago. I have owned the boat 2 years. The one behind the keel is delaminated from the floor too. Questions: What wood material should I use? I feel like I...
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    Expired Sails for sale

    I am interested in getting one of the main sails but do you have any idea how much freight would be? I live in Nashville, 37211.
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    Forestay sag

    Pointing is my goal! Thanks
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    Forestay sag

    Thank you, this is the direction I was headed after reading the North tuning guide. Your help is spot on.
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    Forestay sag

    I have hull 1691 and I know the previous owner cut the mast down a bit. My forestay sags and my backstay adjusters are fully on. What can I do? The geometry suggests a shorter forestay but I don't know if that is legal. Putting on shorter backstay legs seems like it would spill too much air...
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    Expired Parting out J24 and (road worthy trailer $1500) no motor, Valparaiso IN

    Is the trailer a float on trailer? I need to be able to pull the boat from a ramp. How old are the tires?
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    Expired Parting out J24 and (road worthy trailer $1500) no motor, Valparaiso IN

    Is the trailer a J24 trailer, I do not recognize that trailer design?
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    Expired J24 for sale w/ trailer ($1500 OBO)

    Is the j24 and trailer available?
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    Expired  WTB J24 trailer

    Looking to buy a J24 trailer near Nashville, Tennessee
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    Expired Looking for Used J/24 Trailer

    Do you still have the trailer? I am in tn