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    Parts Unlimited

    any chance you have a coaming /splash guard? and if so how much for it and how much to ship to Charlotte, NC 28209?
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    Help a college student! I am doing research on sailing....

    I've had small sailboats (under 14 ft) and kayaks up to 18ft. Never needed motors on them...but I had a 22ft sailboat for 3 years and used the 8hp motor all the time to get in an out of the slip I rented. No one wants to hit someone else's boat and a 22ft sailboat, pushed around easily by the...
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    Best length for Sunfish tiller extension

    Thanks - I bought the Nautos extension from Intensity Sails - but I have a question...(and I have never used one of these before)... it seems like it is going to stick straight up in the air once mounted to the tiller. I realize the rubber part at the bottom just up from where it connects is a...
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    Fat Sailor

    check out - they have kayak pfds.
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    Best length for Sunfish tiller extension

    Upfitting two old sunfish for some spring fun...wondering what size tiller extension is most commonly used?
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    WTB a Sunfish in NC/SC

    HI - I am Rock Hill, SC - 30 mintues from Charlotte, NC and I am looking for used Sunfish to purchase. I would like to get one that has all parts included and is in decent shape. Would prefer 1973 or newer. Don't mind a little dirt or very minor damage (depends on the damage), with or without...