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  1. Alan S. Glos

    3-Loop Bridle

    I have a 1985 Sunfish "beach banger" (that I don't race) and it has the three loop bridle, and I will probably replace with a two loop bridle this spring (if we ever get spring here in Almost-Alaska-Upstate-NY.) My take is that the two loop rig is superior in almost all wind strengths, but...
  2. Alan S. Glos

    Age of Intensity Sunfish Sail

    Tag, So noted. Thanks! Alan Glos
  3. Alan S. Glos

    Age of Intensity Sunfish Sail

    OK, here's your chance to nerd out on some Sunfish trivia. I just purchased a brand new, still in the bag, all white race cut Intensity Sunfish sail from a guy who was selling a bunch of Sunfish parts and gear. It has a window and a nice, full size, black Sunfish logo, and I know that...
  4. Alan S. Glos

    Spring/Summer Sunfish/Sailfish Parts and Gear Sale

    Wayne, I just returned from my trip. I have a nice bow handle with only a little pitting for $10 + shipping but I am fresh out of the 7 1/2" bronze carriage bolt/wing nut assembly that you need to tension your keel and deck plate rudder fittings. Try Craig Obara ("Sailcrafty") at...
  5. Alan S. Glos

    Used Sunfish mast and spars

    Sunfish spars are considered oversized by USPS, FedEx and UPS and cost a fortune to ship so spars are pick-up only at my place in Cazenovia, NY. You might do better by finding a dealer in your area who sells new spars or check out Sunfish Direct or as the big shippers may give them a...
  6. Alan S. Glos

    Wooden Spars

    "Class Legal" Minifish sails in good shape with a crisp double fish logo are rare. Ask $150 for it. It will also fit a Sailfish (65 sq. ft.). The wood booms look to be original standard Sailfish spars. Also rare. Never seen a leather gooseneck. It would work but unlike the bronze...
  7. Alan S. Glos

    It's not a Sunfish, so what is it?

    Here are photos for the Sun Dolphin from the Shorty Pen website: Sun Dolphin By Sun Boatworks ShortyPen Sailboat Guide Check the specs to see if that matches what you have. In any event, your boat loos to be in good shape, but I think this is what you have, Alan Glos Cazenovia, NY
  8. Alan S. Glos

    Spring/Summer Sunfish/Sailfish Parts and Gear Sale

    Wayne, I just left for a 2 week trip, but I have both parts and will send you prices and a photo as soon as I return. Thanks for your patience. Alan Glos Cazenovia, NY
  9. Alan S. Glos

    WANTED: Super Sunfish Sail

    Have you seen this ad in PA? Maybe you could arrange to get these Super Sunfish parts: CURB ALERT FREE BOAT Alan Glos Cazenovia, NY
  10. Alan S. Glos

    Sunfish Sail Sale

    One sail left, the Blue/Red/Yellow with window. $85 + shipping; add $10 for a set of black, stick on Sunfish logos.. Alan Glos Cazenovia, NY
  11. Alan S. Glos

    Orange and Yellow Sunfish Sail Wanted

    All good. Anybody else out there want it? It is a nice aftermarket sail with a window, and I can throw in a set of stick on Sunfish logos. Alan Glos Cazenovia, NY
  12. Alan S. Glos

    Orange and Yellow Sunfish Sail Wanted

    Craig, How about this one? E-mail me at: Alan Glos
  13. Alan S. Glos

    Race ready sunfish wanted

    Are you still looking for a race grade Sunfish? By mid-Feb. I should have a 2010 Vanguard boat, with FRP blades, and a lot of extras. Asking price will be about $3100. White bottom, light grey deck and grey deck stripes. I could deliver to Erie. Interested? E-mail me at:
  14. Alan S. Glos

    Used Sunfish mast and spars

    I have several nice used masts and boom sets with all hardware. Masts $60; boom sets with all hardware $75 But it is pick-up only in Cazenovia, NY near Syracuse, NY as shipping would be $200 +. If you have a way to pick them up, I will be happy to sell you these items, I also have most other...
  15. Alan S. Glos

    Do I seal the foam or just cut and paste?

    I agree with Mike - no need to seal the edges of the foam you have cut through to install the port(s). If anything, the exposed foam will speed up the drying process a little. But do a simple leak test. Soap up the hull with a spray bottle of soapy water while blowing a little air into the...
  16. Alan S. Glos

    Wanted: Woody

    Another hint. You are more likely to find a wood Sunfish in the North East. Do a Craigs List search for NY, PA, CT, VT, NH, MA , MI and RI and you may find one. And then, road trip! Alan Glos
  17. Alan S. Glos

    Right On trailer

    For some reason, you almost never find a Right On trailer for sale used. The only ones I have seen also have a boat and dolly as part of the sale package. Beldar's suggestion (to look on the Laser Forum) is a good idea as these trailers can accommodate Sunfish or Lasers (or any boat that fits...
  18. Alan S. Glos

    Racing Watch Recommendation

    Thanks. This would be great for a larger boat, but I am rather tied to a wristwatch. Alan Glos
  19. Alan S. Glos

    Racing Watch Recommendation

    My trusty old Ronstan Clear Start racing countdown wristwatch finally died (leaked actually). I bought another Ronstan Clear Start but (a) it didn't work and (b) the instructions didn't match the watch and it was impossible to program (APSltd graciously allowed me to return it for a full...
  20. Alan S. Glos

    Wanted: Woody

    Kent Lewis (AKA: "Signal Charlie) here on the Sunfish Forum is the go-to person for wood Sunfish and Sailfish, Send him a p.m. and he might be able to point you in the right direction. Alan Glos Cazenvia, NY