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    1976 Sunfish race ready F/S

    I have sent you a private message
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    1976 Sunfish race ready F/S

    Race rigged, race board, north race sail, sunfish trailer and sunfish dolly is priced fairly thanks for your inquiry.
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    1976 Sunfish race ready F/S

    Yes it is
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    OHIO 1976 Sunfish race ready F/S

    Offering my white hull and green striped deck 1976 Sunfish for sale. Has the original Green and White striped sail installed but comes with North racing sail in good used condition. Has composite racing and standard wood daggerboards, standard wooden tiller with 52" tiller extension. Boat also...
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    Race ready sunfish wanted

    Sent u a PM about a race ready Sunfishan hour and twenty minutes from you.
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    Davis Wind Indicator

    Sailcrafti it's Wardie how much would u sell it for including shipping to 44406
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    Where to place inspection port

    I have a very nice Sunfish circa 1976. I need to install a hiking strap and the only way to mount is to have an inspection port either behind the coming or inside the cockpit on the bulkhead where you'd affix the hiking strap. I'd like some advice here... where is the best place to install a 5"...
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    WTB Used Class approved Racing sail

    Wavedancer has helped me out with used North Racing Sail. Thank U Wavedancer.
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    WTB Used Class approved Racing sail

    Still looking for a reasonably priced Class approved North racing sail.
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    WTB Used Class approved Racing sail

    You have a PM Wardie
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    WTB Used Class approved Racing sail

    I am interested in race sail and condition may be interested in tiller Thanks Wardie
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    (Race) Daggerboard for 1976 Sunfish

    Thanks to Sunfish Forum Member Alan Glos my nice fiberglass racing board is now on its way via Lake Placid to Youngstown. Alan found me a board on a Craigslist site in New York and sent me the links. I don't know how any one member could be more accommodating or helpful than Alan!
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    WTB Used Class approved Racing sail

    no response still looking for used/pre owned class legal race sail
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    Sunfish dolly wanted

    Bought a Jotag from Intensity at $345 I'm sure it will work fine.
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    OHIO (Race) Daggerboard for 1976 Sunfish

    My boat came with recreational board 33" OAL Looking for board I can use for racing. I'm newer at this so not looking for a GEM just something that might need sanded and varnished etc. Let me know what u have. can email to
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    Spring/Summer Sunfish/Sailfish Parts and Gear Sale

    Alan just sent U an email Larry Ward
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    Used Sunfish Dollies

    I am interested can u contact me on my company email? I see that often..way often
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    WTB Used Class approved Racing sail

    Hey Sailcrafti it's Wardie I've bought stuff from you before it's always been a great experience. I won't get much use this season but would like to have one to try how much? I'm only slightly familiar with North racing sails.
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    OHIO WTB Used Class approved Racing sail

    Bought one from a member few years ago sold that boat now looking for good used racing sail for my 76' Sunfish
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    Jotag Dolly

    They have them on sale at Intensity Sail. I don't have a dolly . I don't want to spend the money on a Seintech or other top name brand if the Jotag dolly will work. Doies anyone have any experience with the dolly? I asked a couple years ago can't remember the responses because I got out of...