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    Charter For Upcoming Fort Lauderdale Event Feb 14-16 2023

    This board doesn't have too many US racers on it. Have you contacted Tackle Shack in FL? They do a lot of charters.
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    Twisted Daggerboard?

    “Here's a photo of the boat from August. I had the sail more than high enough to duck under the lower spar and there was still about a foot of halyard between the upper spar and the top of the mast. It sails really well with winds between 5 and 15 knots but the weather helm is almost...
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    I’m with Alan. That’s a 1971.
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    Unfortunate Learning Video

    YouTube is the place. You’ll need to see if you can identify the problems you had in good enough nautical terminology to find a match on YouTube. For example, getting stuck head to wind is called being “in irons”. Lake Norman YC is very active Joining the club would but you in touch with...
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    Unfortunate Learning Video

    These folks portraying themselves as experts when they are not is a bit disturbing.
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    Sunfish Vertical Rudder for sale

    Are you making these to the same dimensions as the Aerosouth rudder? Or is yours a bit shorter?
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    Ratchet block with cam

    Edit add: After writing post I looked at my 2022 Sunfish and it appears the boom block is a lot further forward that the one on your boom. It's a LOT closer to downward to the block, maybe just a little less than you mod. I wonder if that's enough to make the 2138 work ok. I haven’t watched...
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    Ratchet block with cam

    There is some info on alternatives here. Inexpensive option for block/ratchet block with cleat option? Does NOT need to be class legal
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    SOL boat?

    A friend of mine was at the Annapolis boat show and he says the boat weighs 120 lbs. If LP were to start producing enough boats, like they did back when they first bought Sunfish, there would be no need for the Sol. And if you want to race, you will need a Sunfish - I can't imagine enough Sol...
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    Racing sail

    If you want to be class legal, any Sunfish dealer, including SFD, can sell you a class-legal sail. For unknown reasons, the manufacturer of Sunfish has kept them in short supply, but you should be able to get one by next racing season. intensity sails perform well and are permitted at most...
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    Sail setting

    For racing B should be 161 inches, and for rec sailing about 169 inches. The gooseneck should be, for general use, 17 inches back from the front of the lower boom.
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    SOL boat?

    I believe this is just a knock of of the Sunfish. It’s a product of the owner of His selling price for Sols is the same as a Sunfish, so he will make a lot more per boat selling Sols than Sunfish. But every Sunfish knockoff ever introduced has failed so we will see how he does.
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    2007 Racing Sunfish

    I’m going out on a limb here, but my guess is 2007.
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    Rudder Conversion

    @Short Story. The problem you will find is the modern aluminum rudder bracket is taller than the wooden Sunfish transom. The fiberglass Sunfish transom is taller than that on a wooden Sunfish. You will have to see if you can find a solution.
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    Got the bug. First trip out yesterday.

    Sunfish Direct’s private label sails are very flat. Class legal sails are overpriced but high quality and good performance. Only good performing non-legal sails are Intensity sails.
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    Got the bug. First trip out yesterday.

    I second this. Those old wood boards are not competitive with the current white foil-shaped boards introduced in the ‘90s.
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    Got the bug. First trip out yesterday.

    The sail is also too tight on both spars. Follow the rigging guide here Sunfish | Starboard Passage
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    Got the bug. First trip out yesterday.

    You need to put either loops of duct tape or Velcro around the boom and run the sheet thru them. That will keep the sheet from drooping and strangling you. Also, your gooseneck is too far back. 17” from the front is a good all-purpose setting until you figure things out and start to fine tune.
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    Sunfish racing sail vs recreational sail (measured)

    That Fogh sail only lasted until 1990, when the current racing sail came along. It’s even fuller than the Fogh was. North’s rec sails were typically much different than the racing sails. But that is water over the dam as LP found a Portuguese sail maker to make racing and rec sails. While...
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    Sunfish racing sail vs recreational sail (measured)

    I don’t know how to accurately measure draft either. For the most part since the late 90s, class-legal rec sails have had either 6 or 7 panels, and those sails usually look flatter. These are sails from 3-4 years ago