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    Cup Holder

    Hi, anyone mount a cup/bottle holder? Where? How? Which one works best? like to maybe hold a can of soda, or a cup of coffee or a water bottle.
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    Minimum Rigging

    What is the minimum needed to rig the laser full sail? lines? which ones? blocks? which ones.
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    2 People on a Sunfish. How high up can I hoist the boom?

    Hi want to sail the fish around the marina with a guest, but trying to make it less of a scramble and ducking for the boom. I heard that if the boom is too high your mast could break. Please explain? Which sail eye or where would you tie the halyard (how far from the end) to maximize the boom...
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    CALIFORNIA Centerboard Needed

    Hi Looking for class legal centerboard. Marina Del Rey CA
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    What Rigging (lines) and Sail do I need?

    Hi I was given a 1995 Laser, seems in good shape, without the centerboard, tiller, sail and lines. What do I need to rig it? Length and size of lines? Is there a kit? best place to purchase? It seems to have all the blocks and cleats.
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    Rudder Blade - mahogany showing cracks

    Hi, I just noticed some cracks in my rudder blade. The are horizontal, so not "splitting". Any tips before they get worse or it breaks? Been storing rudder outdoors on the boat on a dolly Thanks
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    I need a bailer

    I got my frozen Depersia bailer out clean on my 75 fish. Unfortunately, it is unusable. Anyone got a line on a replacement?
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    CALIFORNIA I need a Bailer

    Hi, I got my frozen DePersia bailer out clean, but unusable, in my 1975 fish. Anyone got a line on a replacement?
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    Removing DePersia Bailer

    I have a 1975, (red, white, and blue)built for the bi centennial. I am trying to keep as original as possible. The bailer is frozen. I have been trying to loosen it with PB Blaster, to get it on to my work bench to see if I can loosen it. Also, have not gotten anything to budge, the lock nut...
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    Trim Rivets

    I need two trim rivets for 1975 Sunfish. What size? were to get? do I need a special tool or how else can I put them in? Thanks!