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  1. JohnM

    Legacy 470 masts

    Legacy (older) 470 masts and rigging available from the Milwaukee Community Sailing Center
  2. JohnM

    2002 Mackay 470 with Road Trailer

    2002 Mackay ---sold--- for sale at the attractive price of $3450 Road Trailer Super Spar Selden Cumulus Mast Top Cover Yard Dolly Blood Axe Centerboard and Rudder Blades Spinnaker pole Carbon Fiber Rudder Head /Tiller plus the original Rudder Head Twin Compasses Continuous Retracting Line System...
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    Miami OCR

    Mimi OCR
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    2011 Perth Worlds

    2011 Perth Worlds
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    Miami OCR

    2013 Miami OCR
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    coming in hot

    jibing in a big breeze
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    Big fotogaleria-732
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    Big Fotogaleria-727
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    girls, they just wanna have fun

    44 Trofeo Pricesa Sofia-Mapfe
  12. JohnM

    May 24th 2011. Delta Lloyd Regatta sb11_012243

    Doing the wave, 470 style
  13. JohnM

    Early 1980 and 1970s Vintage 470 Boat Parts and Sails

    edit; an Elvstrom mast and several booms are still available, the other parts and hulls have been depleted Several 1970s and early 1980s 470’s were disassembled and their parts are being offered for sale. All Parts will be available for reasonable prices. Masts, booms, centerboards, rudders...