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    Attaching a Hiking strap

    I did everything the same as Pam, and I have three more comments: 1) I removed the hook 2) I was worried that the joint/seam in the aluminum trim around the cockpit edge would saw thru the hiking strap line. So, with the hook gone, I took a plastic milk bottle, cut a rectangle from it, and...
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    Attaching a Hiking strap

    Absolutely! The way I added mine to an older boat is I took the same size eye as the Harken mounted to, put it upside down under the deck on the same screws holding the Harken on above deck, and tied the end of the hiking strap to that. Most racers want the hiking strap up high in the front...
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    World’s worst daggerboard for sale??

    The ad says it’s in very good condition. I’m not convinced. Original Sunfish / Sailfish Sailboat Daggerboard Very good condition | eBay
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    Do Laser courses suck?

    I agree with Emilio. The downwinds are much more tactical than reaches and there is so much more opportunity to pass than on a reach. Plus gates at the bottom of the downwind are much better than having to try to go low - but not too low - to round the gybe mark and high - but not too high - to...
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    Small Boats Magazine Review for the Sunfish

    I have been thinking about what to respond with for a while. I think my conclusion is that the Sunfish is just an amazingly versatile boat. It is perfect for learning to sail, great for kids, great for adults, and a very popular international racing class. They are also, as mentioned before...
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    Things That Hurt My Head

    Our family’s first Sunfish was a 1971. It had red and blue stripes on the foredeck and none on the aft deck. The splashrail was white.
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    I just did a rough plot of the Race Around Shelter Island

    I think you have the as-the-crow-flies distance about right. But those who weren’t there should know we sailed much further. We tacked all the way from the start to the big right hand turn to head south on Gardiner’s Bay, and as the wind had shifted south we then tacked all the way to the...
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    Gooseneck repair question

    I like the nut and cotter pin idea! Thanks!
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    Gooseneck repair question

    I have 2 goosenecks where the nut has worn away the threads on the bolt. Using Loctite to hold the bolt in place does not work, as I found out at this year's North Americans when the nut came off during a race. While I could try to use a die set at re-thread the bolt, I am leery that that will...
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    Start at the 2022 Sunfish Nationals, Hyannis, MA

    I was there. I think that is me down by the pin in the starting line pic (49615). Thursday we sailed in a southerly (more or less) that was maybe 13-15 kts with puffs to the high teens. There was a fairly steep chop. Generally there were only moderate shifts, altho the right tended to be a...
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    Bay Area Sunfish Sailors

    There are a couple guys who occasionally race Sunfish when Richmond YC has events. If you are interested in racing I could give you their email addresses via PM. Otherwise you should see when Lake Washington YC runs the Delta Dinghy Ditch Run. I did that in my Sunfish and had a blast!!
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    Laser vs Sunfish Seitech dolly

    I’ve always had a Laser dolly with a Sunfish front piece. I think the balance fore and aft is a bit off but it has worked for me since 2001.
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    Laser vs Sunfish Seitech dolly

    The bow fitting is different. Seitech used to sell Sunfish bow fittings separately , but if they are still in business, they have become hard to deal with as LP owns them now. Maybe a Dynamic Dolly bow fitting would work.
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    Where to buy new Sunfish on West Coast?

    Laser Performance unfortunately cut off some dealers, apparently as those dealers started selling ILCAs, which are the successor to the Laser (LP still makes Lasers but they are not class legal.). That is a real bummer as several bigger Sunfish dealers were cut off. I lived in San Francisco for...
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    Manufacture year(s) of this (Vanguard?) fish

    It’s a Vanguard and it’s from ‘98 or ‘99 or so. I had a 2001 and that red was from a prior year. I hope you can find one - I sail at a lot of regattas and those are only rarely seen at yacht clubs.
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    Sunfish rigging question

    The postings over the years on this site seem to indicate a 9-11 knot max for a Sunfish. I should bring a GPS sometime. The attached pic of me is going downwind this summer in a steady 20 kts with slightly higher gusts. I was moving plenty quick. Would have gone even faster on a reach but the...
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    Tiller advice please

    I have used that XD tiller for years. It’s great. Just last year it wore enough in the tiller head so it started bumping against my knot, which is small. I glued a very small shim on the tiller when it fits into the rudder head and problem solved.
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    Transporting the Sunfish of my childhood

    Shorefun’s advice is good. I’d get the Thule 135 cm wing bar or square bar and appropriate mounting feet for your car. That length is wider than the boat, leaving space to tie the sail and spars next to the boat. eBay is a good place to look forward the feet too. The bars would be long to...
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    50th Sunfish Worlds

    Violating any of the rules in here can get you a DSQ .pdf']RRS2005 ( Rules 10, 11 and 18 are among the most infringed, I'd say. In the case of the guy with the 4 in one day, all four were for being over the starting line before the start. Three were under the black flag, and one...
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    50th Sunfish Worlds

    The plan is to start the racing at 10 AM Thursday. The worst of the weather is expected after lunch so they are starting early. Fridays wind looks really strong - hopefully it will not be too much for racing. They have seven races complete out of a planned twelve.